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Friday, 3 August 2012


The Dame has published a number of astringent comments she knows have been made by Conservative residents, shocked by the money wasted on Tot's Follies. To think Tot Brill could ever have been made Assistant Deputy Chief Executive says all we need to know about Cockell's leadership! 
A few biting comments have been made by business leaders:people who understand the need to get value for money. Wasting £1 million on this embarrassment has clearly upset them: it has also triggered feelings of guilt, knowing what an impact the money could have made improving the lives of the less fortunate in the Borough. 
So to give balance the Dame is providing a link Minority view to Cllr Dent-Coad's blog. The Dame describes it as a majority minority view simply because it represents the views of the majority of residents, but expressed by the deputy leader of the Minority Group. 
Dent Coad-cares about residents

Tot Brill-Couldn't Care Less About Residents


  1. Well put Dear Dame

  2. I was there at 6pm Friday 4th and it was dismal. Nothing was happening, the food stalls were just setting up, and the 'Souvenir' inflatable was empty. An American family with a push-chair passed me and he said to his wife (I am sure with irony' "They really know how to party!" And I do wonder at the advisability of having a sound stage right next to a large block of flats.

    Hardly Totally Brilliant.

    1. ARRGH! Friday the 3rd of course!

  3. Cllr. Dent Coad should be commended for pointing out the Council's moral bankruptcy. Sadly they are either incapable, or more likely simply unwilling, to see it themselves.

  4. Sick of this lot4 August 2012 at 10:52

    The Council has become Rome. Merrick will be along with the matches shortly.

  5. How depressing.

    We are in a supposed age of austerity and yet those who lead cannot differentiate between the essential and the non-essential. Services the most vulnerable depend on are cut. The poor are shipped "up north". And the Council choose to spend £1 million on a second-rate jamboree.

    1. Sick of this lot4 August 2012 at 12:55

      I have my pitchfork to hand. To the Town Hall!

  6. Cllr E Dent Coad4 August 2012 at 11:43

    Dear Dame Hornet

    Thank you for highlighting my humble blog, visitor numbers are ticking over nicely.

    As one of the comments on your previous post stated, responsibility for all spending lies with Councillors; if anyone feels that officers are acting beyond their remit, that is also the responsibility of Councillors - and not just Cabinet Members, all of us.

    This means that if we want residents' Council Tax spent wisely, rather than put the blame onto those officers in the front line, we will all have to work harder and speak out against profligacy and for those without a voice.

    This is actually what we have been elected to do.

    Cllr EDC

  7. Thank God they're shipping all those Labour-voting poor people to the far North, and not to the gentrified marginal Tory constituencies in the London suburbs we need to win the next election!

  8. The Road Show is a real shocker, totally amateur and embarrassingly poor. The Council should not be allowed to get away with this and heads should roll.

  9. How much is £1 million divided by the number of council tax paying addresses?

  10. Probably little....but is that the best criteria you can come up with for wasting money on a poorly planned, poorly executed and utter flop? By daft measure we can go on frittering a million or so on rubbish like Chelsea Care.
    Get a grip man!

  11. Emma Coad Dent, like most politicians pretends to care about residents.

    She spends much time blogging, and tweeting and complaining on behalf of residents (that do not always agree with her bitter veiws) but does not return phone calls or emails from residents.

    How she can claim to be a housing spokesperson i have no idea.


    a resident in a block of elderly people with faulty overflow water leaking into the lift shaft that NO ONE cares about.

  12. Neither Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative Councillors care one iota about the real lives of residents. Anyone living in North Kensington knows this very well.

  13. Tot Brill’s head is fixed on to the back of her body, she couldn’t care less about anyone accept herself and her nice pay packet and along with the council has ignored several residents at Earls Court Square who happen to be the neighbours of her secretary/PA living in a (housing association building owned by Family Mosaic) where her secretary/PA (who was the cleaner and caretaker of the building until she took a secretarial course at KCC and remained in the flat because she’s a single parent) Tot Brill’s secretary/PA has forgotten her humble beginnings and now gives those less fortunate than her a hard time particularly those who’s English is not their first language they are threatened with Ms Brill and other council officials if they stand up to Ms Brill’s secretary. Ms Brill’s secretary/PA manages to find out through other friends in the council the personal data of her neighbours and has flaunted this on several occasions. But why should Tot Brill care she’s got her cushy job with a big fat pay off at the end of it and so what her silly ex-cleaner/caretaker NVQ in typing secretary/PA is making the lives of fellow neighbours at Earls Court a misery, as long as Tot’s okay and not troubled with it let them suffer!


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