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Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Dame's reverie was broken by a discreet cough. It was Phelps, her loyal, but totally disgraced house servant.
Phelps was bearing a copy of the Times, neatly folded to display an opinion letter from that important personage, Mr Bob Neill, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Communities and Local Government. 

Neill-Pooter's  Red faced Mate
Mystified, the Dame demanded to know why Phelps would be wasting her time with the views of some insignificant and unknown junior minister. With a slight inclination of his heavily bearded head Phelps explained. " Dame, Mr Neill writes about the scrapping of Standards Committees. As you know, I and the Leader, Sir Pooter, have had some tiresome run in's with people reporting us for various misdemeanors: thus it's dissolution will be a good thing. Mr Neill correctly says it's a forum for troublemakers and non-right thinking people stirring  problems for grandees like Sir Pooter."
Puzzled, the Dame pondered why Mr Neill would be so keen to get rid of these bastions against greedy, corrupt and amoral councillors. Then it all became clear. Bob and Pooter were old friends. Could it be that these two nonentities had machinated together to bring about the destruction of Pooter's major irritant? It does seem very likely thought the Dame.......


  1. Well. it will be no great loss in the Rotten Borough. The Standards Committee was stuffed with Cockell's friends who always did his bidding

  2. Yes and the Tory Running Dogs from the Labour Party.

  3. 20:12 is correct. Labour and Tories are but one in the Rotten Borough and neither give a hoot about justice, democracy or resident's concerns.

  4. That is most unfair 20.21. Remember Labour are in a pitiful minority. Given that I think they do a fair job, and whether or not they got the results they wanted from the Standards Committee, they have made great play of it all in the press, local and national.

  5. In my view they are elected to do a 'good job' not a 'fair job'. I think it would be fair to say with a few exceptions the standard (not meant to be a pun) is poor not fair. They are too close to the Tories.

  6. 9:24
    Labour are in collusion with the Tories and Horton St is a little cosy club where residents views are seldom, if ever, considered. Shameful!

  7. Having reported elected members to RBKC standards committees, I long ago concluded that they will exonerate each other of anything and everything under all circumstances. It helps put the "Rottenness" in the "Rotten Borough."

    Comments critical of the Labour group are largely justified.

  8. An "in house" Standards Committee (packed with Pooter's poodles)was a hallmark of corrupt K&C.

    Unfortunately for Cllr Cockell (who never understood the Internet) he never saw the Dame coming. The Hornets nest is the first check and balance for the out of touch and ego centric Cockel in his fourteen year dictatorship in Hornton Street

  9. Neill looks like a well fed poodle

  10. Cockell got caught out by the Hornet using the Dame's interest in the Internet and Freedom Of Information probes.

    Just like Prince Harry who got caught out by mobile phone pictures when he was at the mercy of one of his bimbos in Las Vegas. Silly boy

    Harry is a hormone charged "Henry" but he needs to remember that loads of tax payer's money is used to support the lifestyle of him and his family. Sex orgies are fine - but not on public money.

    Cockell is no better. This monstrous "trougher" should know better. Slap up dinners for friends on a Saturday night in New York are fine - but not on public money


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