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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Rotten Borough in Private Eye TWICE!

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Mr Fitzpatrick of Propaganda has been warned by Herr von Pooter Cockell not to publish anything detrimental to the good image of the Rotten Borough. Coincidentally, Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs column has today published this embarrassing piece so councillors must not expect to see it reproduced in their weekly Press Digest.

Councillors should object to this petty minded and fascistic censorship. Thank Goodness they have the Dame keeping them abreast of 'all the news that's fit to print.'

It seems Private Eye are taking quite a keen interest in other Rotten Borough matters. City Slicker has a long piece on some of Danny Boy Moylan's unfortunate and improvident off shore investments.


  1. OOOh dearie dearie me.

    The majority party won't be happy with this! Not at all.

  2. At last someone besides the dame has recognised how this council has been allowed to operate thats literally what Cockell, Moylan et all do ...operate for themselves.

    They have no interest in local people who pay their fat salaries, allowing this creep to continue to be paid to do absolutely nothing for his unfortunate constituents demonstrates this, although they clearly didn't notice his absence.

    I am amazed that this soap opera has not been headline news, but thats because they probably know someone who keeps it from the front pages. Wheres the Standard?

    They are a blight and an example of why people don't like or trust politicians be the local or national. And why our country is in the mess its in....greedy, nasty, grabbing people who don't care for anyone except themselves.

  3. I think it is broadly accepted that Daley fell on his sword after being pushed out by a paranoid Cockell. He consistently claimed to have blocked the emails of Phelps. If this is true, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, then he could not have reported Phelps for sending something which he didn't receive in the first place.

    The Dame has reported here in the past that Mark Daley was welcomed back into the Party very quickly and has been holding a senior post ever since. If there was any hint of guilt in reality, I doubt the Party would have ever allowed him back.

    Phelps and Lamont should hang their heads in shame but on balance, Daley paid the price for getting in Cockells bad books and for becoming unwittingly entangled in the weird world of Barry Phelps.

    Something tells me that he will be back in public life before we know it.


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