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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Dame At Hornton Street

You may have observed the Dame sitting quietly at last night's council meeting. She even bought her young nephew, Ludo, as a reward for digging and delving into the strange affair of Cllr Moylan's non exec directorships with the failing property companies. Afterwards, she took Ludo out for dinner at Chez Patrick-a very popular choice for senior officers and councillors using their charge cards......

What a mess our council seems to be in...
Pooter Cockell seemed quite abstracted and  'Oirsish' Ahern got into a terrible muddle over who had voted for what. And talking of who had voted for what the Dame applauds the Lib Dems for supporting the excellent Labour amendment aimed at cleaning up our Council.

A Horrified Dame
Pooter Cockell must be nervously looking around wondering who else of his councillor friends have vile tastes in child porn. The Dame knows of one.....

What a cesspit!


  1. Indeed Dame, I'm surprised you wished to risk your reputation being so close to this sorry mess.

    If it's true that Ludo is aiming for an internship at Private Eye, I think he has an excellent chance now, having brought the Moylan story in.

    Good luck to him, he's shaping up into a fine young man now. This is what work experience is all about! Well done Dame H!

  2. I heard that the cockle changed his name to Cockell as Cockle did not sound posh enough for a RBKC Cllr - any truth in that?

  3. yes, I heard that. Can it be true?
    What pomposity

  4. The Leader was abstracted because he was not aware of the two Private Eye stories and had to dash out to find out about them. He was also worried about Ludo - "the boy in the gallery".

  5. I think pronouncing Cockle Cockell sounds very affected - the name is obviously pronounced after the crustation. What would his father think?

  6. Shades of Hyacinth Boo-kay (ie, Bucket).

  7. Dead man walking :)

  8. We hear that there is a lot of press interest in the events of Wednesday evening, when Cockell and Paget-Brown refused to strengthen the new Standards proposal. We also hear that a lot of Conservatives are shocked their leaders will not listen to sense.

    Surely they could be liable to prosecution, if such a situation were to happen again? Have they no sense at all?

    Did they really turn it down because it was a Labour amendment? Ridiculous!


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