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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Dame And The Mystery of the Housekeeper

The Dame is very curious.....

It appears the story about Cllr Condon-Simmonds and the application, by her, for community funds to  fence off part of a communal space was likely to benefit-mainly, one particular person- and perhaps one or two others.

One who knows says, 'the gate from a particular person's balcony or something, would give them pretty well exclusive access to the closed off space.'
The whole issue was subject to an abortive report to the Standards Committee....but, it appears that there is much more to this than was ever disclosed to the Standards Committee.

So who was the beneficiary of Cllr Condon-Simmond's act of munificence? And why did no consultation with other residents take place. And why were council funds used in this most unusual way.

The Dame needs to know who was this the lady who was a beneficiary of this extraordinary act of generosity. And did she have any connection to any other councillor....


  1. More Council filth:

  2. AOWK said...
    The lady in question has also been the recipient of a Mayor's Award for "community service" but actually for services to the Conservative Association in Chelsea. Has also worked for xxxxxxx, a senior councillor, in a "service" capacity.
    2 April 2012 08:20

  3. Could it be that this person who was supposed to benefit from the scam was/is Cllr Condon's housekeeper?

    cleaning lady to most of us ut "housekeaper" more fitting for Hyacinth

  4. Not sure why everyone is being so coy about this.

    The lady in question was housekeeper for none other than Cllr Moylan.

    Now it would do Moylan a great disservice to mention him in the same sentence as Hyacinth Bucket, so we should do no such thing, it would be insulting and quite disgraceful.

  5. RBKC Standards Committee is a corrupt disgrace. Reporting the Cremorne Councillor would serve no purpose, they would simply whitewash any misdeeds anyway.

  6. Given the frequent use of the suffix "-gate" for just about anything these days, would these shocking revelations perhaps be best described as "Cleanergategate"?

  7. Purely coincidentally, the two TMO officers who signed the document saying consultation had been done, are no longer in the employment of the TMO.

    Pure coincidence, as I say.

    Or is it yet more collateral damage to a very poorly run council?

  8. Friend of Hyacinth2 April 2012 at 11:17

    Cllr Condon-Simmonds has let it be known that it is beneath her status to comment on the Hornet

  9. This is so pathetic. If Condon-Simmonds wants to chance her arm and get some personal gain, then she might at least take a shot at something worthwhile. Like getting hold of a multi £ million bit of council land.

    But Moylan and a cleaner!!!! I ask you....

  10. Hyacinth is a well known bird brain 11.36

    She can only hop in very small steps. Built in safety measure for residents

    Just a pity that the Standards Committee is not prepared to squash these flies

  11. Cockroach more like

  12. Cllr Condon-Simmonds has let it be known that it is beneath her status to comment on the Hornet
    It was never a good idea letting 'nursie' dress up as Mayor: it's given her ideas well above her station.
    Those of us her knew back in 'the old country' wonder how she did!Not bad for an orphan from the midst of nowhere


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