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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Brompton Association accused by The London Standard Of Not Backing Residents

The Dame has been accused by Miss Andreae, chair of the Brompton Association of not consulting her eminent self. She went on to say what a stalwart defender of residents was Cllr Quent Marshall. Well,  it seems, from the huge volume of comments, she is alone in her conviction. And it appears that the London Standard don't credit this august personage with being a mistress of consultation.
The Dame gives everybody the right to comment, but Miss Andreae seems curiously reluctant to embroil herself in discussion. She may THINK she is a representative of 300 residents but the facts don't seem to bear it out. The Dame is waiting.....and leaves other to ponder upon the below...
Maybe, Miss Andreae can have a quiet word with Cllr  'Danny Boys' Moylan at the 11.00am Mass at The Oratory......

And yes, Miss Andreae...the Dame still wants to know what the hell is going on! Your Association has just 300 members-insignificant, compared to the thousands of residents who do not wish the station to be developed

INTERNECINE WARFARE is breaking out in well-heeled corners of South Kensington over the controversial redevelopment of the Tube station and Thurloe Street.
Word reaches me that furious members of the Brompton Association have banned their chairman Jeremy Taylor and Honorary Secretary, Lady Anstruther from speaking in public about the scheme.
Members of the residents’ group were livid when it transpired the chairman and secretary had written to Kensington & Chelsea Council earlier this year to back the scheme without actually consulting them, particularly since Lady Anstruther’s family interests are at stake.
Developers Stanhope and Hutchison Whampoa want to demolish an historic terrace on Thurloe Street, including the celebrated Polish restaurant Daquise, and are proposing an 11-storey tower on top of the tube station.
While householders are disgruntled, landowners like the Anstruther family who own the Thurloe Estate worth hundreds of millions could stand to gain value and opportunities for their properties.
The Brompton Association will now be writing to the council withdrawing the earlier letter and joining other South Ken objectors like Edward Fox’s daughter Lucy Gormanston, Julian Lloyd Webber, Wayne Sleep and Mark Birley, owner of Annabel’s.
Let battle commence.


  1. is unlike you to be unfair.
    Had you not thought that maybe Miss Andreae is hoping for a Pooter Resident Association Gold Standard Award. These are nominated by the likes of Cllr Marshall to well behaved and compliant associations

  2. May I clarify the point about step-free access. It is correct that money was set aside by Transport for London to pay for this improvement at South Kensington. Sadly, this was under the regime of the former Mayor, Ken Livingstone. This plan was then axed by Boris, who spent the money instead on developing his vanity "routemasters" - that are nothing like the original routemaster. The cost of one routemaster = 2 lifts for step free access at two stations. So the answer, if we are to avoid this ghastly massive tower block development, is to hold our noses and vote for Ken on 3 May. He has given an undertaking to axe routemasters and restore plans for step free access across London - although it may take longer now as Boris has squandered a lot of the money.

  3. Obviously nothing to do with the fact that the Brompton Assoc's recent (present?) hon. secretary, the architect Susan Walker, aka Lady Anstruther, is a member of the family which owns much of Thurloe Square and land to the north of the station or the fact that the hon. treasurer, Tim Kemp, owns the Pelham Hotel -

  4. Susan Walker AKA Lady Anstruther had a contract to do up Pembridge sq.

    Moylan was in charge of Pembridge square - did he award teh contract?

    I think SW and the Brompton Assoc are a distraction, as are the funds we had or didn't have for lifts - the question is why are teh Cllrs supporting this?

  5. Blow Fly ~ I thought it was a legal responsibility of TfL under the Disability Discrimination Act so whoever is Mayor will have to find the money to do it? I guess Ken can be more freewith his promises as he does not pay the tax we have to to pay for them? Still the Cllrs shouldnot use this an an excuse to back the development ~ would Ken L promise to stop it?

  6. Can I ask ~ does Lady Anstruther \ Walker or her family own any of the land that would be developed under the TfL s\RBKC plan?

  7. Another nest of back scratchers who care about no one except themselves. What a monstrosity this would be in South Kensington, literally ripping its soul out. But that's what moylan and his gang are about in this borough. Including Lady Another,

  8. I am not an expert on the Ken Livingstone campaign but I believe he has given an undertaking to axe the routemasters and restore step free access as and when the money become available. Of course legislation requires step-free access - but it is not retrospective legislation, so we rely on the motivation of whoever is Mayor to restore it to capital spending plans. Hope this helps.

  9. I believe lady another\walker and sons ownes the Pelham street side so will make millions from the plan.

  10. Not sure why step free access is such an issue? Better to keep it as it is and wait ~ step free access is not a justification for ruining south ken ~ Quent should stop this bit of spin and stand up for south ken ~

  11. All very fishy ~ perhaps cllr quent could explain if Lady another benefited from Moylan's other mess on Exhibition Road we have to suffer with or if there is a deal to get rid of the useful shops in the station and replace them with a Lady another owned pointless tourist nick nack seller ~ perhaps he and Moylan could publish a list of all meetings with the Anstruther family?

  12. If Moylan published a list of meetings with Lady A there would be many. Being a Irish Brummie snob he gets very excited meeting 'lords and ladies'.

  13. In that case he no doubt gets very excited when he meets Louis Mosley.

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