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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Dame Challenges Cllr 'Dezzie' O'Neill

If the Dame were Cllr Dez O'Neill(Thank Goodness she is not. Ed)  she would be shamefaced over the accusations leveled in the Hornets Nest.
Were she him she would be instructing Messrs Carter Ruck to come down on Ludo like a ton of bricks. So why no missive from his solicitors? Why no request for a full, unqualified and grovelling apology?
If the Dame has erred she is happy to put the record straight. In fact, the Dame is very happy to allow 'Dezzie' to use her column to deny Ludo's ruthless attack upon him. So come is your chance to vindicate yourself.......
The Dame Challenges You Dezzie!


  1. This is new territory for the reptile - it lives under cover and is not accustomed to the glare of exposure and standing up to scrutiny.

    Anothe K&C councillor out of sight and out of mind and up to no good

    Off with his head!

  2. Decapitation too merciful for the Irish prat.

    Needs to be squashed

  3. This is a fly in a dung heap. Why is Cllr Blakeman not cleaning out the nest?

    More worrying still, why is the Leader not making a fuss? Could it be something to do with glass houses? (like First Class trips to New York and $416 dinners for friends at Keanes Restaurant)

    That still leaves Chief Executive Myers. Maybe Des knows a thing or three about Derek's lunch time "tennis lessons".

    What a rats nest

  4. "Tennis lessons", 19.45?

    Myers has never been seen on court!!!!

  5. Kensington Resident21 April 2012 at 19:47

    Stick to the point 19.45. Scum bag O'Neill has been exposed and the Dame has challenged him to clear his name

    We are waiting

  6. It will be a long wait.....

  7. What no one seems to realise is that Mr O'Neill along with the other rats don't see why they need to justify what they do.

    Its beneath them to speak to, work for, and most importantly explain themselves to their employers...RBKC Residents!

    Its about time they remembered that residents have control and do have power at the electorate.

  8. Where is the local press in all of this and why are they failing to inform the residents of this rotten Borough of what our Councillors are doing in their name?

  9. If Councillor O'Neill does not have the decency to resign (and there is fat chance of that happening with his nose already so deep in the trough) then true Labour supporters in the North of the Borough should make it their duty to ensure that every household in Colville Ward is leafleted and that residents are informed about this scum bag's lack of openness concerning his business interests in addition to exposing his highly immoral multiple property ownership.
    Get him shamed and blackballed by the local community and then see if he can win re-election. Disgrace.

  10. Not a hope of a response from this reptile. He will only act where he can see some kind of benefit to himself.

    We found this when recently various Planning matters have erupted, he will happily attend meetings where he knows he can make himself look good, if not, he stays well away. And try to get an email reply? Not till hell freezes over.

  11. Scribe, don't torture us, what is this about Myers 'tennis lessons'?

  12. Person Familiar with The Situation22 April 2012 at 09:18

    Cllr O'Neill is in some personal difficulty and is unable to look his fellow Labour councillors in the eye. His Irish inferiority complex also means that he is shriveling in the presence of Conservative councillors.

    Unlike disgraced ex Cllr Phelps he has been unable to shirk off the scandal with bravado - that was until the Dame got the nasty chap between the legs

    However Cllr O'Neill can still fall back on the tactic used by disgraceful Cllr Cockell on numerous occasions. "I did nothing wrong"

    Worms squirming in the cesspit

  13. 9.02 it is reported that CEO Myers was in the habit of taking long lunches which he needed to sleep off in a comfortable hotel room during office hours.

    The official version was that he was having "tennis lessons"

    The unofficial version I leave to your imagination. There was certainly a spring in his step!

  14. If it can be shown that Cllr O'Neill owns housing then surely the rules require that he should be evicted from the subsidised housing that he currently occupies?

    What is the Hornton Street enforcement officers doing?

    Get a move on chaps

  15. There is a shortage of housing in the Borough and rate payers are having to pay huge ammounts of council tax to support homeless persons in B&B and other luxury housing

    Scum bags like Cllr O'Neill are making the situation worse by cheating and applying for subsidised housing which they are not entitled to

  16. Thanks for the heads-up about Myers. Now let's keep to the subject in question, the dishonesty of creepy Colville Councillor O'Neill.

    I don't think there are rules that would allow him to be thrown out of subsidised housing, if not surely they would have been applied already.


    Let's keep this in the headlines, we don't want it to be chip paper in a week! Looks like he's been getting away with too much for too long.

    The arts links are also very opaque, Ludo has done a great job opening this can of worms too!

  17. In North Kensington there has long been an unhealthy relationship between Conservatives and Labour. The result is the extreme contrast between the quality of public space and amenity between traditionally Conservative and Labour wards.

    For decades no Conservative councillor seems to have set foot north of Westbourne Grove. The area was left to tender mercies of former Cllr Cunningham and his colleagues. It is hardly surprising residents are now attracted to the Liberal Democrat alternative.

  18. Oh come on 10.25, what LD alternative?

    Locally they are little more than a laughing-stock. No policies, no leadership, no presence whatever.

    A very sorry bunch.

  19. The Liberal Democrats would certainly be well advised to engage with the Hornet, since she is RBKC residents' most effective democratic forum. The Colville Lib Dems are a vast improvement on Labour, represented by Cllr O'Neil. North Kensington, residents will not vote Conservative, because the area continues to be appallingly neglected by what may be the UK's richest Town Hall.

  20. The UK's richest Town Hall and London's poorest Ward

    It sucks

    £30 million to pave Exhibition Road with pink granite from China and $416 for Cllr Cockell to entertain his friend to fine wine and oysters at Keane's in New York

    It sucks

    Ward councillor O'Neill living in subsidised housing while renting out his own properties

    It sucks

  21. Mr Angry. You speak for us all.

  22. They are all in it together - why does the local Pravda not report on locaql politics - too much RBKC advertising?

  23. I seem to remember that when the story of O'Neil's properties first came out, the K & C Chronicle ran it. The issue is surely that the Labour group has since failed to sort it out. Under the Localism Act, we now seem to have the added issue of undeclared financial interests. A statement from the councillor or the Labour group is overdue.

  24. On the Today programme we learn that one East London local authority can no longer afford to house residents on its waiting list in private accommodation because of the capping of housing benefit. Do we know whether the rents charged by Cllr O'Neil will be affected by this?

  25. One week on......Is this low-life still out there supposedly representing residents?
    Reckon he must have put his other investment property in a Company name as it is not allowed to under his own. What an unprincipled predator!


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