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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Dame had a tip off that a great contributor to the welfare of the local community is at last slowing down, after years of hard work.
What a great pleasure it is to pay tribute to the ever popular Annie Redmile.
Anyway, below Annie lets us know where her focus is going to be....and the Dame was much relieved to know she is not intending to compete with the Dame.
Well done and thank you, Annie, for all your hard work.
The Dame sends her very best wishes.


I just wanted to let you know that I have taken a decision about my future. I am going to be stepping down from nearly all - and all by the end of this year -  my committee/local organisation work to enable me to focus just on Active Link and other media activities - even a return to my Blog, but it won't be like The Hornet's Nest!!

Some things won't change, in that I would like to keep regularly in contact with you all. You are on my VIP list!

At the risk of causing Stephen embarrassment -  but I am going to say it anyway - he and his colleagues at Community Engagement are a delight to work with. I think they 'get me' and I certainly 'get them'. As far as I am concerned, I am working 'in partnership' with you all - and I intend to share my local contacts work with the team and drive a lot of information through Active Link - and generally help in anyway I can. 

Something that has given me personally a big boost recently - is the latest supporter of Active Link is Evan Davis. He has agreed to appear at the Business Expo - as Active Link will be there. He understands what we are doing and is constructive and willing to help. I have shown him the progress with our branding and he has given his seal of approval- phew!  

I don't think the Active Link has had the recognition and support that it deserves - but in fairness we/I need to really build it up and raise its profile. It can be made available for any and all of the wards to file stories. I believe also that it can be used by Keith Robins and his team for 'resilience work'. I still feel that Neighbourhood Watch deserves a proper appraisal and real marketing. Otherwise, the police will have other priorities and it will die again. Again, Neighbourhood Watch could be run partly through Active Link - and some stories about NW are to go up shortly. I'll be having a good chat with you Jason about this. Our aim is to drive Active Link forward to the point that at least 4/5 stories will be filed everyday making it the site to know and use.

Although I do not seem to have communicated my goodwill, ideas and enthusiasm to everyone - hopefully time will heal all!!

Active Link is deserving of serious help - and I intend to get it. It has been developed in the most 'budget concious' way possible and future costs/budgets are on a similarly prudent scale. Just to give you an idea. We need around £2,500 a year to cover admin and site costs. There will need to be a budget for 'volunteers', an editorial budget (to free me up to manage the volunteers and their training and motivation etc - and I believe we can be very creative with the volunteer role.  I am sure you will get 'my drift'. 'Big Society' has been us - and still will be in part. But it is time for serious business to be done and a bit more partnership work. (Although my thanks to Wilson, Jas

It has been wonderful the last couple of days or so, thinking and working quietly here at home - no people, no meetings and lots achieved - so satisfying. Back to where I feel really comfortable. 

Seriously, I do look forward to carrying on with my community work but just in a different and more focused way. And, I wont be disappearing completely from the social scene at least.  I hope that you will all award me 'trusted hack' status?!!

Warm best wishes

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