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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Mr. Stallwood's planning department was well aware that once people saw the gross and abhorrent nature of these monstrosities there would be uproar: that's why the planners decided not to include an image in the application link.
An outrageous abuse, Mr. Stallwood!

PLEASE follow the link and make your comment. 

A Monster On Her Streets
       Dear Dame
The residents of Slaidburn Street kindly request your urgent help to challenge the InLink Planning Application, BT have lodged with RBKC.

BT propose to install a huge 3 meter tall free wifi, telephone charging unit on Kings Road at the end of Slaidburn Street.  This huge unit is proposed on a tiny bit of Worlds End pavement in-between two betting shops.  Local residents have suffered from every kind of antisocial behaviour over many years thanks to the betting shop "Book Ends" at the entrance of Slaidburn Street, attracting every kind of problem imaginable.  We can only think this free wifi will be a magnet to exacerbate the existing problems.

Anyone Hornet readers inclined to view the planning application and make comments would be most appreciated.  We will endeavour to keep Worlds End free of InLink advertising


Thank you.

Worlds End Residents


  1. Planning applicant - how appropriate!

    Mr M Swindles
    The MET Building 22 Percy Street London
    W1T 2BU

  2. Nothing, but a ghastly monstrosity. In respect of Free WiFi, this is already plentiful in the area. Phone owners should be responsible enough to ensure that their devices are adequately charged, when they leave their homes, to last until they reach their destination, most probably one the shishy coffee shops, who have these free facilities. Waste of effort and nothing but a 'carbuncle' on the landscape - quoting Prince Charles....

  3. They want these things everywhere so that conversation could be recorded and people are tracked once you all have RFID microchip in you like cats & dogs. In the U.S. it's called IntelliStreet lamp. Some of the K&C street lamps have a blue thing on top of the actual light. I wonder what that is for.

    1. This is WHY.

      "5G cause miscarriages, nose bleeds, and kill birds and insects!"

      Nobody believes Gateshead Council’s ‘smoke screen’ denial about 5G in their street lights

      Arqiva to make London lampposts into 5G-ready cells

      Phone firms fight to erect 500,000 masts for a new super-fast 5G mobile internet network

    2. That article in the Metro suggests that Gateshead is full of raving nutters. They don't need 5G to rot their brains, there's clearly very little left as it is.

  4. There is no obvious need for BT's street services in the form of a pay phone/wifi/mobile phone charging.


    InLink units are not wanted or required in RBKC!

  5. The installation of phone boxes is mandated by central government as it is still part of BT's Universal Service Obligation. Advertising is the means by which BT tries to recover the cost of providing them.

    If you want BT to stop installing phone boxes I suggest you have a word with your MP. BT will thank you for it. But then don't complain if you can't find one in an emergency.

    1. Are you expecting the readers of this blog to do some actual research before spouting off? Sir, you are deluded!

    2. There you go, it's the government. Why are they installing phone boxes when there was none there before all of a sudden? I've asked an engineer who was installing new one today. You should see what's happening in Hammersmith & Fulham. They are installing every 100m, how many phone box do we need?! Everyone's practically got a mobile phone or two or three these days. It won't be my concern that I can't find a phone box in an emergency. He said the speed of it is as good as 4G now and when 5G is rolled out, it won't be difficult to upgrade it. So there. Do people need to watch a movie while walking these days? Is that why you need a faster and faster connection?

    3. This seems to be a ruse to start with a site for phone box (noone will use) and shortly turn it into advertising/a mast?

      I have recently left BT and cut my broadband and phone bill in half - and its much better service. T

      he new BT broadband had to be rebooted every few hours, that problem is now gone. Happy to have moved to TalkTalk and save £200 plus a year!

    4. @22.55. The answer to your question of "why are they installing phone boxes when there was none there before all of a sudden?" is "they aren't". This kiosk is replacing two existing BT phone boxes - one on the proposed site and one across the road in front of the Guinness Trust Estate.

  6. Having had a look at the responses to this application I see NIMBYism is alive and well in SW10. As is looking down on the poor.

    One of the two objections currently listed on the Council website proposes that the BT kiosk should be installed on the other side of the road, on the World's End Estate. Clearly the BT kiosk would be an appalling carbuncle if installed on the north side of the Kings Road but perfectly fine on the south side because that's "just a Council estate".

    And then they even have the temerity to sign their email to the Dame "World's End Residents" (note: apostrophe). I think you mean "NOT World's End Residents"!

    It's pretty obvious the residents of this borough still have much to learn much from Grenfell. I had thought Labour were perhaps milking it a tad but if this is typical of the thought processes of many of the borough's residents perhaps not!

    An actual World's End Resident; who lives on World's End, not a house across the road, and who would not ever consider trying to foist anything on his neighbours.

  7. @15:00 you are quite wrong in your assumptions.

    There is space at Worlds End and none on the pavement on the other side of the road, as well as a BT phone box behind Worlds End Restaurant, but that would only accommodate one side of advertising, which would half the revenue to BT.

    Your prejudice is clear by your judgement which is entirely wrong. Sad.

  8. Have you actually read the application?

    This kiosk is replacing two existing phone boxes, one at the proposed location of the kiosk (thus providing the space for it) and one on the other side of the road in front of the Guinness Trust Estate.

    There are already several phone boxes on the south side of the road - one on the World's End Piazza (next to the stairs to St. John's church) and one next to the World's End Pub.

    If you want to claim there's no need for this phone box on the north side of the Kings Road then by all means do so but don't try to have it moved to the other side of the road using spurious arguments about a lack of space.

    One of us clearly is prejudiced. It's the one asking for the kiosk to be moved to the other side of the road. NIMBYism at its best.

  9. @13:32. How about we offer to swap some of our Boris Bikes for the BT phone box? We've got plenty. They could so with some on the other side of the road.

  10. 13:56 - Or perhaps some recycling bins? We have FOUR Council recycling centres, 20-odd recycling bins, on the south side of the Kings Road, they have none. Let's be generous. They take the four recycling bins outside the Co-Op and we'll take the BT phone box.

  11. This is not a ‘phone box’, nor a payphone, but an ‘InLink’ – see the Planning Application link above for the detail. It provides various data services – but beware the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE.
    The advertising benefits to the provider aside, there’s also the mega business of metadata collection – anyone using the seemingly free facilities will have data harvested. The same applies to the monstrous new phone kiosks, and to the e-facilities activated in some bus shelters. Nothing is for free.


    In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica antics and Facebook’s loss of both face and metadata, RBKC Planning and Legal Departments (and indeed the Planning Inspectorate should an Appeal process be triggered), must consider how complicit each wishes to be in the private data exploitation context?
    That includes the General Data Protection Regulation which supposedly will return control of personal data to citizens.
    Did I, and you, explicitly agree to our data being collected in this manner?

  12. "Carrying a mobile phone could be made compulsory in order to cut crime, one of the country’s most senior judges predicted yesterday.

    Britons have accepted growing levels of surveillance, a compulsory mobile phone law may not seem a radical idea in ten years’ time."


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