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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Those of us who were around Chelsea in the '60's will remember the special place it was.
Over the decades the heart and soul of the area have been ripped out.
King's Road is now desolate and dreary.

One of the few pieces of old Chelsea left are the Chelsea Houseboats....but for how long?
The new owner, a nasty ex-City boy, called Andrew Moffat and his social climbing wife, Charlotte are using every stratagem to evict the boats and redevelop the area.

Here's a pic of Charlotte
Charmless Charlotte: wants to kick out boat owners

He and his mysterious investors need stopping.... You can read about it LINK

This Saturday, between 1.00 and 2.00 pm the gorgeous Felicity Kendal will be welcoming protesters on Dovehouse Green.


The Dame will be dropping in and wants to see as many of her friends and supporters there as possible.

Moffat MUST be stopped in his greedy tracks.


  1. A mysterious bunch called the Watermen seem to be involved. Anyone know anything about them? Moffat seems to be a member....

  2. Watermen? Would this be relevant?

  3. 'Architect' Terry Farrell has ruined the area with his Chelsea Towers. Four times the size of Worlds End Estates.

  4. Charlotte Moffat

    Charlotte is Managing Partner of Albyns, a property development and investment business based in London. She holds several business Directorships, and was Director of Conferences at Euromoney Institutional Investor plc, where she was responsible for the firm’s events business.

    Charlotte also supports inclusive theatre company, Chickenshed, which brings together children from all abilities and backgrounds to perform inspiring drama.

  5. Mr Banker the Wanker18 April 2018 at 21:49

    Charlotte and Andrew love to socially climb. Their big vulgar resi development in Chelsea has been taken over their bankers. The disgusting duo have given personal charges so could be in grave trouble.

    1. He applied to City of London to have the Freedom of the City he is listed as an investor and was nominated by Citizens and Carmans Robert Constant
      & Richard Leslie Springford

  6. Statutory Declaration of Andrew Maclean William Moffat of 46 Cheyne Walk SW3 5LP

    Read on ..... and .....

  7. Andrew Moffat - is this the man?


    About Andrew Moffat

    Andrew Moffat currently manages the CIS UK Growth Trust, having previously managed the UK Income with Growth Trust for 11 years.

    Andrew has over 25 years of industry experience. He previously worked for Equitable Life as UK fund manager and trained as an investment analyst with Confederation Life in the City. He qualified as an associate member of the Society of Investment Analysts in 1990 and is an ongoing Associate of the CFA, UK. He has a BA in Economics and an MA in Finance & Investment.

  8. Can't they move to Mayfair? much more suitable for this type.

  9. What do you expect from a surburbinite like Andrew from Merton.

  10. There should be a law against people like this, who do not understand culture.

  11. could this be a stitch up?

    some cosy deal between the Watermen - who control the river - and the Port of London Authority (PLA)?

    The PLA is a quango who appear to be under the control of the Watermen. The Watermen are a secretive guild, membership largely passed down from father to son.

    it's common knowledge that the Watermen are in charge. get on the wrong side of them and you're in big trouble.

    be interesting to know it there's a link between the Waterman and these evictions.

  12. It would be nice to hear from Kensington & Chelsea Conservatives say outright we wont let this happen and we are outrage etc etc.

    Erring on the side of caution?

  13. Why doesn’t rbkc planning and trading standards do something about what’s happening at Cadogan pier? People living in a converted engineless office, a massive engineless ugly hulk being sold as residential houseboat on a leisure use pier?, an email available on- line demonstrating a deliberate attempted fraud saying Cadogan pier has residential use? The manipulation of existing licence holders to sign statutory declarations or be evicted. The longer they delay the deeper the hole they are digging into. I can only assume someone’s on the take

    - not to mention the PLA selling a public asset worth over £20m for nothing?


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