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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Everything rotten about our Honours System is reflected in the knighthood given to Sir John Timpson.
Timpson, builder of the eponymous chain found time with his late wife to foster over ninety children. 
More than that Sir John gives many hours of his time visiting schools showing teachers how love for a child can be the springboard for its success.

A great man

So, the interesting question is this....

Why did a man blessed with so many talents end up with a meagre knighthood rather than a place in the Lords: after all, in Sir John we have a man who has practical experience in helping children from damaged backgrounds understand that everything is possible.

Sir John could have been the voice in the Lords for unheard children everywhere.

An example of the rottenness of the system. 
The Government has appointed a nonentity leader of Wiltshire CC to advise our Council on how to manage Grenfell.
A Dimwit
The Dame hears from various sources that Baroness Scott(call me Jane) is a total dimwit and her contribution to the Council has been to regale councillors with her management style. 
Evidently, she is very proud that cleaners at County Hall refer to her as democratic she is!
Just think, unless the Dame had put a stop to it, the silly Pooter Cockell would be in the Lords grabbing his tax free £300 a day.

You can read about Scott's troughing here TROUGHER


  1. To compare Sir John with 'Baroness' Scott and 'Sir' Pooter Cockell is a grave insult. Their vile names should not ne mentioned in the same breath as this true gentleman.

  2. Call me Jane has an uphill task trying to deal with the utterly useless Diz Liz.

    1. With Emma, cut the crap, Dent Coad and Baroness, call me Jane, Scott, looking out for the Grenfell residents they can sleep easy knowing they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    2. Emma Dent Coad MP is every bit as much a blot on Jeremy Corbyn's socialist cityscape as Baroness Scott.

    3. Lady D'Oyly-Blott12 April 2018 at 09:35

      EDC has never impressed me much. So pious and up herself.

  3. "Jane" and her team have identified some problems with K+C but not all by any means. In any case, she is not going to be too critical given that she is a Tory Council Leader dealing with a Tory Council that has a Tory Leader. Sadly the public inquiry now looks doomed to failure as well.

  4. And she was asked to lead the Task Force by a Tory government with a Tory Prime Minister.

  5. She may have "identified" some of the rotten borough's problems, but that's a million miles from sorting them out. Tories are incapable of perceiving the flaws in Tories. The whole thing stinks.

    The answer to this conundrum is that the admirable Sir John Timpson is probably not a Tory.

    1. He is and is son was a Conservative MP

    2. Lady Doyly-Blott12 April 2018 at 10:47

      Now remember that Sir John Timpson might be a wealthy Tory but this wealthy Tory adopted two children and fostered 90 others.

      Have EDC's chums, the rich bastards, in the Labour Party done the same? Their number includes
      Margaret, Lady Hodge MP,
      Fiona MacTaggart MP,
      Geoffrey Robinson MP
      The late Tony Benn MP.

  6. Will Hamnmerberg15 April 2018 at 06:34

    The last Labour MP who took in destitute children was the late Joan Lestor. More concerned about the destitute than her own purse and pension. A proper socialist not a member of the me, me, me society.


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