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Friday, 20 April 2018


Dearest Dame

Hope you are well and enjoying the weather, the sort of weather that gives a lady like you the excuse for a very large G&T!

I am writing regarding Earls Court Conservative electoral material that came through our door back in February 2018. It has been promoted [signed off] by Andrew Foster Chairman of Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives. 

The material claims that “During the [Earls Court] demolition phase, we worked hard to obtain independent analysis on the dust to reassure many who were concerned about whether it could affect residents’ health." 

This does not actually say they got independent analysis on the dust just that they "...worked hard to obtain independent analysis" but also does not state if the dust is hazardous to residents health.

As you know the HSE suppressed their report on Earls Court and never released it;  in the interest of full disclosure Andrew Foster and Malcolm Spalding either need to release their report on the dust in Earls Court before the local election or state categorically that they do not have a report on the dust.

There are concerns Earls Court Conservatives have been less than honest on their electoral material especially as in 4 years Cllrs Spalding and Aoaune did nothing to assist residents when Keltbray worked 6 days a week including Saturday mornings and nights, with no let up for residents. 
The dust is still present in residents' homes, gardens and cars but residents have not heard or seen of this report they have speak of.

All the best

A Put Upon EC Resident


  1. All the dust reports, including the independent proof there was no asbestos in the air samples or dust, are published on the Council website. STOP SCAREMONGERING !

  2. Don't be overbearing and think before you shoot your mouth off.

    Asbestos is not the only danger. There are many other types of dangerous dust containing harmful particulates.

  3. to find out about other dangerous 'dust', go to:

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    1. April 2018 brings for 'Adult Social Care and Public Heath':

      * The start of Bi-borough ... but for how long?

    2. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has:

      * Declining Adult Social Care

  5. Residents in Earls Court are being buried by pollution, whether its from the traffic or the Earls Court version of the Sahara Desert. There are plenty of independent laboratories who could test this. It is an absolute disgrace that the politicians are not joining forces to address this. As ever it is ONLY Linda Wade who does anything.


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