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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


We are happy to share what we have learned about Keepmoat with all those in RBKC and the wider community.  We are sure you will share our grave concerns about Keepmoat.  We do not want them in our buildings.
Despite the depth of contemporaneous newspaper articles, reviews and blogs exposing dangers posed by Keepmoat, RBKC have instructed them at the following properties.  Everything we have told KCTMO has been ignored and no consultation has taken place.
Cyclical Repairs and Redecoration South 2016-17
TMO buildings where it is planned that renovation works will completed by Keepmoat in the financial year 2016/2017
Properties where section 20 consultation is underway:
60 Slaidburn Street Slaidburn Street (60) London SW10 0JW 
Milman's House, Ann Lane Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BU 
Gillray House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BT 
Lacland House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BP 
Riley House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BS Holland Road London W14 8AS
Holland Road London W14 8BA
Curran House, Lucan Place, Lucan Estate London SW3 3PG
Keppel House, Fulham Road, Lucan Estate London SW3 6RA
Ixworth Place, Lucan Estate, London SW3 3PX
Cadogan House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BL Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SD
Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BL
Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SH
Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street ,London SW3 5SB
Chelsea Manor , Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SA
Kingsley House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BD Burleigh House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BE Dacre House,Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BH Winchester House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BJ Holland Road London W14 8HJ
Holland Road London W14 8HL
Properties where estimates have been provided
Lots Road London SW10 0QD
Edith Grove: London SW10 0LB
Lots Road London SW10 0QF
The Sandhills Limerston Street London SW10 0BG 
Russell Gdns Mews: London W14 8EU
Hornton Place London W8 4LZ
Tadema Road London SW10 0PZ
Christchurch St, London SW3 4AB
St Lukes Street, London SW3 3RP
St Lukes Street London SW3 3RP
Hornton Place, London W8 4LZ
Fawcett Street, London SW10 9HN
Burnaby Street , London SW10 0PJ
Elm Park Gdns, London SW10 9PD
Elm Park Gdns, London SW10 9PF
Cecil Court, Fawcett Street, Cecil Court London SW10 9HP Fulham Road, London SW10 9TY
Fernshaw Road, London SW10 0TN Corbett House, London SW10 9LF 


  1. The residents of the above address should be notified of the article from yesterday... I wouldn't mind distributing to some of the streets.

  2. Can you send the Dame contact details. This company is a rogue company and no one should have them in their homes

  3. Laurel and Hardy6 July 2016 at 21:16

    Another TMO mess.

    1. Another fine mess that the TMO has got us in to.

      We can hardly blame people for holding the Tenant Mismanagement Organisation up to ridicule

    2. Let's flip 'Another TMO mess' comment.

      IF WE have the power to do something about it and only resort to 'keep on complaining' then nothing will happen and that is OUR fault! We must stop this 'blame other' attitude because as long as you give power away to the 'authority (power) figure', we are powereless. We let it slip basically. Let's take our power back i.e. the time to for some concerted action.

    3. Here here, lets get started!

  4. This property list might help.

    But if residents refuse to let the contractor in, they will be served with a letter (court date), won't they? TMO/council legal department is very quick to act when an opportunity arises to evict a tenant. It's a fact! Hello Peterborough! o_O

  5. Keepmoat did a really nice job of renovating our kitchen and bathroom - were we just lucky?

    1. perhaps yes.... one of the very few....

    2. Keepmoat cold call the most vulnerable residents. Liaison officers that don't speak English . Communal areas damaged. When you complain the TMO deny it. They refuse to meet Resident Associations.

    3. Liaison officers that don't speak English. LOL It's like trying to order a meal at a restaurant and they can hardly speak English... had that experience before. Another one was a call centre staff....

    4. Try talking with hands by pulling your hair.
      Sorry, don't get me going. lol

  6. Accountability7 July 2016 at 21:10

    How incompetent of Robert Black to allow a contract to be let to Keepmoat when an internet search reveals a litany of dissatisfaction with Keepmoat.

    1. I would ask why do residents pay management fees of 10,000,000 per year when we are forced to volunteer our time and resources as residents in order to improve our communities. We are faced with exclusion and incompetence from the TMO on a daily basis. If we insist we are threatened with our tenancies and have our services removed.

    2. Don't complain, don't engage, don't email ...

    3. If you complain they make up false allegations against you.

    4. Incompetence, corruption, intimidation, etc, etc.

    5. Complaints not logged to fiddle the figures.

    6. Good officers try their best for residents but have to toe the line to keep their jobs.

    7. Officers with things to hide thrive in this environment.

    8. Like the gardening man.

  7. When a male director instructed officers to hide money from RBKC auditors it says something about an organisation.

    1. I am being serious here. Are you able to provide some evidence to back up your comment either via witness or anything else? Otherwise, it will be considered hearsay.

    2. Tell Councillor Mackover. He won't allow anyone to pull the wool.

  8. One of the officers has left another still works for the TMO. The Director still works for the TMO.

  9. The officer was frightened.

  10. The gardening man our darling Dom should be audited.

  11. Public Survey for North Kensingston Library ends 30th July 2016

  12. Public Survey for North Kensingston Library ends 30th July 2016


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