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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


There is nothing Cllr Moylan likes more than the chance to rest his head against the Dame's very ample bosoms and blub about the vicisitudes of life.

Sent to lie for his country
Most don't know that before the City beckoned Danny Boy was a member of the Corps Diplomatique. His first posting was the African sub continent but, for some reason, his career as a diplomat never really blossomed.
Anyway, to cut a long and interesting story short,  Danny is keen to bend the ear of Boris, the new Foreign Secretary, and remind him of his days as a junior diplomat.
Those who know Danny find the idea of him being diplomatic hilarious, but Cllr Moylan feels that he is owed a favour and a posting as 'Our man in Thailand' would go down a treat.....


  1. Disgraced ex Diplomat Moylan has no prospects in the Service. Even in Thailand.

    The new Foreign Secretary (relieved of the tedium of local Government and its second rate staff) has a pool of outstanding candidates to draw on.

    Our boy, therefore, is dust.

  2. Supporter of Moylan14 July 2016 at 09:10

    More vindictive trash. There is a talent in our midst that is under utilised. This is the fact.

    1. Thank you: whoever you might be.

  3. The Dame is making mischief. Again. For reasons of her own she does not like Mr Cockell or Mr Moylan. Her campaign against these poor souls has been relentless.

    Of the current lot, the old girl has it in for Cllrs E Campbell (the credit card risk) and RF Mellen (the hole in the head fanatic from N Kensington).

    She has seen off the first two. Will she also mange to rid us of the other two?

  4. As for Moylan returning to the FCO is as likely as me winning the Lottery. Zilch. Boris has a pool of the creme de la creme to choose from and sadly, Moylan is history... sour whey....

  5. Is there not a black mark against Moylan at the foreign office? A dancer? BTW the disgraced Marianne Alapini, former Labour councillor who left under cloud, is planning to return as a Green candidate - until all the files that Labour hold on her are released, anyway.

  6. Public Survey for North Kensingston Library ends 30th July 2016


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