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Sunday, 3 July 2016


Dear Dame,

I know you don't indulge in national politics: a shame considering how you never cease telling us how clever you are.

Anyway, as two of the three mentioned here live in our blessed Royal Borough I thought you might air my email to the obsequious MP, Kwasi Kwarteng for his vile and unwarranted attack on Michael Gove.
Gove is the only politician with any sense of patriotic duty: so different from that music hall joke, Boris Johnson.
Your devotedly

A reader from Abingdon Villas

Dear Kwasi
What an abjectly silly piece you wrote for the Mail
Even to the political ingenue it was clear Gove suddenly realised Johnson was like some '30's vaudeville act, incapable of measuring up to the demands of high office. 
The sole critique one can level at Gove is that he took too long to discern the truth about this lazy poseur.
Those who worked with Johnson at City Hall despaired of his working methods.
As for his judgement. I well recall how, during the riots, he turned up in South London, amid great fanfare, wielding a broom 'to help the clear-up'. 
The English, not being fools all the time, quickly realised he was exploiting the situation for publicity and told him to bugger off. 
The look of bewilderment and fear on Johnson's face said it all.
To be a good PM you need to know how to run committees's: something Johnson is incapable of.
These character assassinations of a decent and honourable man like Gove are distasteful.
It shows what suckers the public are for style over substance
I suppose it's OE loyalty, but those who know Gove won't be influenced by your grossly unfair and distasteful attack.


xxxxxxxxx(name withheld at the request of the writer)


  1. Good question....what are the Dame's political leanings?

  2. Kwarteng is a pompous oaf

  3. Nearly Labour and struggling Tory4 July 2016 at 10:46

    Kwasi is not pompous - he is an ambitious Old Etonian intent on becoming the first black Prime Minister. He has "done" Oxford, The Bow Group (Chairman), journalism and the speaking circuit. He has established some Nigerian ethnic roots. Now he is intent on developing gravitas. What an opportunity for the reptile to pontificate after the saviour Gove got shot of the disaster Johnson.

    Kwasi needs to understand that politics is a tough game and sometimes tough actions are required. This is the first lesson of "gravitas".

    It is a privilege for the Royal Borogh to be able to claim Michael as one of our own.

  4. We Too Have A Voice4 July 2016 at 10:50

    Gove has no wish to be Prime Minister. He has said so many times. At huge personal and professional cost he was prepared to respond to the begging of his peers to get rid of Boris Johnson.

    All of us owe Michael Gove a huge debt of gratitude.

  5. I can scarcely believe the BS I have just read here. Gove is a ruthless backstabbing opportunist who betrayed Cameron for starters and then Johnson for dessert. I have no love for any of these reptiles Cameron, Johnson or Gove, but I would be very surprised if the parliamentary conservative party don't see through his treachery, just as they saw through that of the oafish Boris and punish Gove accordingly. His political career is over(I sincerely hope).

    1. Betrayed Cameron? Are you mad or just simple.
      He could so easily have jettisoned his principles in much the same way as most politicians do. Instead, he blighted his long term career prospects by standing up what he has always believed-a GB removed from the corrupt mess that is the EU. He made very clear that he was not prepared to work with Johnson for perfectly cogent reasons. Johnson is a real piece of work and Gove did us all a favour by distancing himself. As he said, there is no reason why JOhnson could not have carried on.
      There are three reasons why he may not have wished to.
      1. He realised he was all wind and incapable of high office
      2. His past would catch up with him
      3. Someone has a file on him

  6. It is just such a pity that the future of my and your grand children has been put in jeopardy because of the juvenile tantrums of two over-privileged Eton boys. Of course the EU needs to be reformed, but from within. We can do nowt from the outside.

    1. What nonsense. We have tried, as a nation to mend this broken construct.
      Best we get out before the whole rotten enterprise collapses on out children's heads.

  7. You are so right. Please accept my humble apologies. I now realise that Mr Gove was born only yesterday afternoon and couldn't possibly have realised when he joined forces with Boris that Brexit was a mere pretext for a coup to unseat Cameron so that Boris could succeed him as PM.

    And nor was it reasonable of me to suspect that Gove could have worked so long and so closely with Boris on the Brexit campaign, without ever realising, until the eleventh hour (when his wife's email was 'accidentally' but so fortuitously leaked) that Boris was totally unfit to lead the country.

    Whatever was I thinking? I now realise that Michael Gove is as pure as the driven snow and is motivated entirely by love of country and not at all by predatory Machiavellian ambition as I had so erroneously thought. Thank you so much for helping me to see the light!

    1. It is good to see you have understood the error of your ways.
      Pleas enow write and apologise to Mr Gove.

    2. I would rather eat worms

  8. Fan of the Dame5 July 2016 at 10:01

    Priti Patel needs to be given a serious job. She is intelligent and personable and will be an amazing trade ambassador in India and the Far East.


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