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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


It seems Cllr Faulks 's hubby, Lord Faulks threw a hissy fit upon hearing Liz Truss had been made Lord Chancellor.
In fact, he was so piqued he stormed off and resigned his job in the Lords.
No Britches
He says Truss lacks the clout to stand up to the PM when judges are attacked.
Faulks made his career at the Criminal Bar where most of the rubbish Family Court judges are drawn from.
Many feel junior and mid-ranking contemporary judges, especially Family Court judges, are pretty third rate. 
But, of course, firing these incompetents is the devil's own job.
The ludicrous ex-Judge Hogg is a case in point. 
She, like so many others, should have been kicked off the bench ages ago.

It would be outrageous to suggest Lord Faulks's bad temper had anything to do with not getting the chance to wear some fancy costume and knee britches.


  1. Camden resident19 July 2016 at 18:18

    His wife Catherine Cllr Faulks has proved to be a liability Councillor of Camden Ward. This was also the experience in Norland Ward where they managed to get shot of her to Camden without warning us of the downside. Ex Mayor and Party Chairman Cllr Mills cannot stand the woman.

    Clearly this Faulds crowd are emotional, second and third rate, and in it for the ride. Catherine is massively conflicted by her property activities and at meetings it is impossible to define the logic of her thinking or her direction of travel. She seems to be controlled by a random generator.

    All families have them. Just a pity that it is ours that is afflicted and saddled with these two.

    Lord Faulks does not look like a Lord at all. Certainly not a Tory Lord. He might look good behind a Savills desk - and Catherine could feed him tit bits.

    1. Axes to grind. Pathetic dame

    2. Methinks thou doth protest too much, milord
      The Dame has many an axe to grind.....

    3. The only axes we know the Dame has is over her family crest on her Scottish estate.

      The Dame does not grind she sharpens that razor tongue of hers.

      Thank Gawd for the old girl, where would us residents be without her.

    4. What a weird looking chap our hissy fit Lord is

  2. Pathetic? What a load of drivel.... It is nice that our Dame is also highlighting these events. Good on ya, Dame....

  3. Cllr Faulks has brought into the RBKC neo Con ideology that seeks to socially cleanse our once beautiful and diverse Borough.
    During the recent occupation of the Council Chamber by the Save North Kensington Library for Public Use protest she spent her time telling campaigners that they had nothing to complain about as they were getting a new library.
    To thick and blinkered to work out that the protesters don't care whether they get a new library or not so long as the current library building is maintained for public use.
    Cllr Faulks choose to ignore the fact that the library has been leased to the Notting Hill Prep School in a private deal, without any public consultation, without a proper tendering process and without any scrutiny.
    Well, suppose this is all fine as long as your happy to ignore the growing anger in North Kensington and throw your lot in with spiv property developers like Cllr Feilding Mellen.

    1. 17.57 is obviously an old bat too. Just like the Dame.

  4. The Dame and her hornets do a great service by exposing the behaviour and attitudes of our elected representatives. Readers can think about what is exposed and draw their own conclusions. If they think the comments are mischievous or evil they are entitled to think so. But most readers are grateful to be given the opportunity to make their own assessment, draw their own conclusions, and maybe seek further information.

    Long live the Dame and her band of hornets.

    1. I concur. The Dame's mutterings keep me away from my vices.

    2. Follower of Paget-Brown23 July 2016 at 08:42

      Piggy hates the trolls on the Hornet. Constantly refers to them as filth. In this respect his mutterings are just as confused as the silly Cllr Faulks.

  5. ha ha and quite right too

  6. Both Faulks are now with the losing crowd. They even hosted Michael Gove last week (another loser) at a Conservative Association Garden Party.

    A bit of breeding would have allowed them to lose gracefully. But instead they throw hissy fits. Estate Agent material.

    1. Quite right. She is in the Estate Agent world doing property development. Enjoys hob nobbing with the big developers when she sees an opportunity at a Garden Party. May explain her bizarre behaviour when major developments come up for review in the Borough eg the Brompton Hospital saga. Her mutterings raised quite e few eyebrows. Even piggy was disturbed.

    2. It is called conflict of interest

  7. These are two awful sounding people


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