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Saturday, 23 July 2016


Like it or not, Sloane Street is a global destination shopping street.
It attracts shoppers from around the world. 
Equally, it's a residential area so there has to be a balancing of interests.

Cadogan has put forward plans to revamp the street and the first impression is a good one. 
Cadogan is gaining the reputation as a company that actually listens to residents so we have no excuse if we don't comment and make suggestions on these exciting proposals.

From what the Dame hears Cadogan and the Council are anxious to hear all views so click HERE to see the full details and comment.


  1. Looks just what Sloane St needs. It will also deter the vile supercar drivers

  2. If you are a resident and survive on Gucci, Pucci, Lucci.... good on you. However, if you need a pint of milk at 9 pm you are done...Not quite a scheme to improve 'welfare' of residents... After the shops close, the street is a graveyard...

  3. Sad Badger is right. The Dame sees that what she wrote could be the subject of poor interpretation. What the silly old thing meant was the scheme could put an end to Sloane St as a racetrack for the ghastly, Middle Easter youths in their over powered cars.
    The Dame(naturally enough) has many friends living on the street and their lives are blighted by the incessant roar of speeding super cars. Obviously, most, like the Dame, lived in reduced circumstances so shopping at Hermes is out of the question.
    The Dame understands that Cadogan are planning a grocery shop in the mews behind George House so that pint of milk might be procurable.
    Maybe, Sad Badger might relocate to Cadogan Place Gardens: most convenient for his late night shopping.

    1. Or go down to Kinnerton Street for a pint of milk and then end up 'avin a pint down the Nag's head

  4. It sounds to me as though the Dame is peddling rubbish from the young Cadogan (a bit of a shark who recently took over from his gentle dad).

    Is the wretched Dame, who says she is in reduced circumstances) accepting favours from the Cadogan estate? Maybe backhanders?

    The pox of Hornton Street is spreading

  5. Elderly ladies in reduced circumstances are easily bought. They have little idea of the value of real estate developments and relate their bribes to the cost of a pot of caviar.

    A great value proposition for crooked developers.

  6. The Dame is not for buying! Cllr Cockell tried that,offering her lifts in the Mayoral Bentley and g&t's from its well stocked bar.
    She soon put him straight. And, no, the Dame has never met the Cadogan boy.
    This is the point.
    What would we all prefer? An estate managed by a family, or one owned by private equity, or worse, a Middle Eastern sovereign fund? The Dame knows her preference.
    Cadogan are very conscious of local opinion in a way that other property owners might not be. The consultation is open so let's all tell the Council and Cadogan what we think....good or bad.

    1. Fan of The Dame25 July 2016 at 10:27

      Thank you Dame for your forthright comment. As usual you are traveling on your razor blade.

      Long live the Dame

      Down with property spivs and Qatari low life. The feudal crowd (Cadogan, Chelsea, Porchester, Westminster, Ilchester) a better class of person to sup with. But even they need to be kept on their toes and given the occasional kick in the googlies

  7. Fed Up with the Dabblers25 July 2016 at 12:50

    Here we go again. Too many Councillors with not enough to do and too much money to spend.

    There is nothing wrong with Sloane Street. Leave it alone. And (Hornton Street Planners) get a life.

  8. You do not need to rebuild a Street to deter supercar drivers. This is a job for the police


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