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Monday, 25 July 2016


Jeff Randall, the fat Essex Boy ex-financial journalist, has made a name greasing up to a certain type of 'entrepreneur':the type you wouldn't want to meet socially or invest in.
For years, Randall has had a penthouse up the posterior of "Sir' Phillip Green.  
Randall was once like a tame PR man for Green;yet now, when the excreta hits the fan, Randall is nowhere to be seen.
Funny, considering how he boasted at always being at 'Sir' Phil's god awful birthday parties and was forever 'bigging him up'

'Sir' Phil likes to suggest he's been the victim of anti-Semitism.
Well, the Dame knew the great Lord Weinstock. 
Lord W once told her he thought Green a 'grade A s**t'.

Come on Jeff, where's your loyalty to yer old muckers...or have you decided that Green is no longer good for whatever your reputation might be?

Come and get it, mate!

Please sign this PETITION demanding the hideous Green is stripped of whatever honour he might have.

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  1. meanwhile the mans family are busy buying up London property and after a price has been agreed and other buyers have gone away they then use Brexit as an excuse to get the agreed price down after agreeing a sale price and also ask for discounts for the extra stamp duty they have to pay, it all helps when the estate agent who is well known for questionable behaviour and have been in court before are in their back pocket

    The title should be removed immediately as we all know his wife loves her courtesy title as much as the offshore money she has helped squirrel away , one imagines she will be most displeased at being plain old Tina again, still rich but plain old Tina.


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