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Thursday, 24 January 2013


As usual, Pooter Cockell has been bouncing ideas off the Dame. This time he has been picking the Dame's brain as to who should succeed Cllrs Buckmaster and Borwick. These two will be a tough act to follow so the Dame is cogitating on who will be 'up to the job' so she can advise Pooter.
Buckmaster's successor needs to have charm, diplomacy, integrity and class.....let's hope that Pooter's choice will embody these qualities........
According to the lunatic Cllr Palmer it's Danny 'Boys' Moylan, but it seems that the Dame has quashed that crazy idea...our Mayor needs to have a little class and though Boys has been successful with his elocution lessons he still fails to meet the Dame's 'toilet and serviette' test.
Sadly, the Dame is having to promote Cllr Williams and Mackover...hardly charismatics, but, unlike Boys, they won't let the side down....


  1. The Dame is a horrid old snob

  2. A charming old snob I think! However can you imagine a Mayor chewing gum at dignified events, and fiddling with his Blackberry whenever he thinks no one's looking?

    And that the LEAST of his bad habits.

  3. Oh dear, shall we say 'the sublime to the um, not at all sublime'?

  4. If it was up to me I would axe the position of Mayor and Mayoress, not only in RBK&C but throughout the country. In the case of RBK&C it would not surprise me if it would save the taxpayer something approaching £1,000,000.

  5. Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy Mayor, Consort, Bentley, Jag, drivers, Parlour, secretary, officials, £1 million every year. Christmas Parties, Mayor Making Parties, receptions, pomp etc etc. It is out of date. Time for the Royal Borough to catch up with the 21st Century

  6. The Borough could choose a "Mascot" from one of its many distinguished residents and this person could ceremonially open the Council in June every year after the new Leader is elected or confirmed in Office in May of every year. This is more than enough

  7. Thank goodness that Moylan has been binned. The sight of him chewing gum in the chamber is just too awful for words. Resembles a cow chewing the cud

  8. Another triumph for the Dame. Representing public opinion

  9. Staggered Chelsea25 January 2013 at 07:40

    Dearest Dame. Surely you cannot be serious? That would be the most uninspired choice possible.

  10. Retired Chief Executive25 January 2013 at 09:37

    One of the most effective way to close down an unwanted Department is to put the most hopeless person that it is possible to find in charge. It is an old trick of management


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