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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


One of the tedious aspects of the Dame's work examining the folly and moral dereliction of this council, are the screams of  'this is a Labour blog.' 
Usually, they come from Pooter's 'attack buffoon', Matthew Palmer. He even suggests that the Dame is none other than Cllr Blakeman!

If only it were so simple....but then, to political simpletons, it is so much easier to accuse the Dame of political partisanship, rather than accept the Acton dictum about the corrosive nature of power.
But to forestall anyone trying to use that tired old canard of partisanship let the Dame remind them of the efforts the Dame went to publicising the Labour Leader, Judith Blakeman's cosy lunch with Cllr 'Oirish' Ahern. Such a good job did the Dame do she landed JB in Private Eye and the Mail too.

But back to the point...... many accuse the Dame of being professionally jealous.....they may have a point.
But she has to accept that in Emma Dent Coad's latest blog she systematically pinpoints the sheer wasteful madness of this council. Interestingly, it was a true blue, old school, City grandee living in the splendours of Holland Park who alerted the Dame to the brilliance of Dent Coad's demolition job.

It seems to take a Labour councillor to point out the abuse of taxpayer's resources, yet, being wise guardians of our money, is supposed to be a Tory virtue!

Read it Dent Coad here and make up your own mind about whether your money is being wasted-or not.


  1. The Dame has competition

  2. For political balance you shoud go to

  3. What a blast from the past! What more could the poodles want in order to find a reason to dump Pooter? We know that some of them are blind. We know that some of them are stupid. But they cant all be blind and stupid....

  4. The article by Dent Coad makes very interesting and really does emphasize what a poor job Sir Merrick and others are doing and really in the interests of most people who live in RBK&C he, at least, should be put out to grass. Sir Merrick tears up everything one associates with good Conservative policy and governance; words such as prudency, care, concern and fairness. In truth this council gives the impression of being totally arrogant, aloof and totally out of touch with the reality of life in 2013. The sooner changes are made at the top the better.

  5. An excellent and fair article; Sir Merrick should read this and take note. It shows how totally out of touch this council is. The sooner they are changes at the top the better for all who live in RBK&C and for the Conservative party as a whole. A very poor example of Conservative governance.


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