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Thursday, 17 January 2013


In the face of massive opposition and a large number of letters of objection, Opera Holland Park has withdrawn the planning application which would have allowed them to leave the canopy in situ all the year round.
 A further application to allow them to continue as before is predicted and it seems The Friends will not oppose that, but they will be asking for a reduction in the time taken to erect and dismantle the canopy and temporary buildings.


  1. So RBKC had nothing to do with it, Freinds put at a vaild protest and the Opera company listened.

    This is how it works

  2. No, how it works is that the Council thought they would quietly shuffle it through never dreaming that the Friends and the Dame would cook up a firestorm of protest. Then they got scared an backed off.
    Stop being a naive twit

  3. 'Freinds put at a vaild protest' Matthew Palmer....spelling please!

  4. Thank Goodness for the Dame, shining the beam of truth in all those corrupt dusty dark corners and alerting us residents to whats being done in our name. Roll on election time.

  5. Another victory for the Dame

  6. This was a shoddy and underhand effort by the Council, under duress from Pooter, to try and slip through the ridiculous idea under cover of the Christmas and New Year holiday period when it was hoped that no one would be watching. Pooter did not reckon with the ever watchful Dame

    1. Forgive me but I thought that the council was there to represent us as residents. Instead they seem to think that our borough is their toy to play with as they see fit. I do hope that residents have long memories when the next election comes round.

  7. Now the Council is back to reality. An opera business plan that does not work and council tax subsidies of £1 million every year to add to the £10 million already pumped in.

    What will Cockell do?

  8. Great victory for the Friends and for the Dame!

  9. Kensington Resident18 January 2013 at 08:54

    The Council budget for next year is just around the corner . Labour needs to shine a laser beam on anything that is called "Holland Park Opera" and expose exactly what the financial implications for 2013/14 are.

    EDC we trust in you!

  10. There are also great thanks due to Amanda Frame and the Kensington Society.

  11. longsufferingofficer18 January 2013 at 11:45

    Bloody well done.
    We are all laughing our socks off at this.


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