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Sunday, 27 January 2013


Derek Myers when not having 'afternoon tennis lessons' has told the K&C Cabinet to create two new posts costing, with platinum plated pensions and other perks, the equivalent of over £200k a year. One Conservative backbench councillor is fuming the appointments are just being nodded thorough by the Cabinet. So who is this rebellious councillor? The Dame would love to know and have a glimpse at the email.
This lucky duo, as Director and Head of Service will add another layer of bloated bureaucracy in Environmental Services. So what are these two jobsworths going to be doing? Well, the brief is wide ranging and quite between registering births, deaths and matrimonials they will also keep an eye on rubbish collections and street trading
Our Derek has come up with a clever way to pay for these salaries....he is going to nick most of the money from the K&C street traders ring fenced account.

The vibrant K&C street traders are having none of it. 
The Market Streets Action Group will be meeting on Tuesday 29th January at 4pm at the Isaac Newton Centre, 108a Lancaster Road, W11 1QS, near Ladbroke Road station. 

All those interested in the future of our Street Markets culture and heritage are warmly encouraged to attend.


  1. In the name of cost cutting, K&C is adding an additional layer of overly expensive and unnecessary management to a department already over burned with "Chiefs."

    The real scandal is that these new posts are reserved for H&F officers. H&F has already reduced its once thriving markets to 40 stalls in North End Road. Despite the fact that it's illegal to overcharge a street traders' ring fenced account, it charges £166,000 a year just to sweep up after 40 stalls.

    K&C has form on similar matters. Until recently it was claimed that our Markets produced 10% of all the commercial waste in the Borough. K&C "rectified" their position by handing £728,000 of residents' funds to the traders. Since then K&C has behaved rather well. Our Markets are healthier than they've been for years.

    Now without consulting councillors, history is about to repeat itself. H&F is to be allowed to play fast and loose with K&C street traders funds, so there will be insufficient for day to day work. It's high time councillors stood up for the public and stopped this before it starts.


  2. Resident has it about right. It was clear at a street trading meeting last week that Hammersmith & Fulham intends to conduct a dawn raid on Kensington and Chelsea. If H&F is allowed to grab all the money, the Markets will collapse.

    The Environment Department is already so stuffed with senior staff, it has so far taken three years to provide 20 or so stalls with electricity. Re-opening the Talbot Road public lavatories took half a decade. The control of unruly buskers is likely to take till 2020. The list is endless, but at least the junior staff do their best to support the Markets..

    Where is Cllr Paget Brown? Why did he not warn his backbench colleagues of the Cabinet move to add yet more cost to some of the least affluent members of our community? Is the intention to create a Borough fit only for oligarchs? The meeting on Tuesday is likely to be lively.

  3. Yet another example of a misguided council led by someone who has little or no concern(anymore) of the interests of the Residents (and traders) of RBK&C. It really is time for change and it has to start at the top and that is Sir Merrick.

  4. That reminds me... How's the Triborough project going? I thought the idea was to reduce management

    Phone: 07799647160

  5. Time for Cllr. O'Neill to protect his market traders.

  6. or the Liberals, who ever they are

  7. Spending another £200k to save our money is a sick joke.

  8. As the dames say where are the angry Tory cllrs who are willing to protect the publics interests?
    Where is Paget Brown who is to run the Markets?


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