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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Just remind yourselves why basic services like Thamesbrook are under threat....
It's because a  corrupt and self serving leadership prefers to waste £27 million on Exhibition Rd-already looking a mess- despite the annual cleaning bill of close to £400,000. 
And to 'celebrate' this waste the Cabinet agrees to pay close to £1 million on a 'party'!
And so Cockell can 'play the Medici' millions of pounds are wasted on Opera Holland Park.
The Dame does not even touch upon the £100 million Holland Park School: a school which adds not one extra school place and is more than double the Government's new school guidelines.
And whilst we are all having to make sacrifices "I'm Alright Jack' Pooter Cockell scrapes by with the £130, 000 allowance we taxpayers have to fund. The man is an utter disgrace to Toryism.
And all the while we sit on a cashpile of £170 million-the result of year in, year out, over taxation.


  1. As much to blame are those Tory councillors who sit back and allow it to happen.
    Without the Hornet we would be completely in the dark. She should be awarded a Mayor's Award. Bravo The Dame

  2. It is so very hard to believe that a Tory council which is supposed to be serving some of the wealthiest residents in Britain is allowed to get away with such a list of travesties. Democracy is supposed to safeguard the public against this kind of excess but in Kensington and Chelsea it seems that once elected to office, anything goes

  3. This is the big ticket stuff. The vanity projects. The kind of thing that little Dictators like to do in order to get noticed and feel good. It is very common in North African countries. But Cockell is a "full range" tin pot. The little stuff is important too. Like hijacking the Mayor's Bentley "to save taxi fares" and dinner at Bill Clinton's favourite New York diner on a Saturday night. Courtesy of K&C council tax payers

  4. Thanks to the Dame there is no hiding place for this little cherub

    1. Cherub? Cherub?? Cherub??? You are off your head

  5. Bravo, the Dame!

    To point out the Council's cash reserves as the sole evidence of over-taxation may only serve to encourage waste (£170m more to spend - at no extra cost to the resident taxpayer? Where's my cheque book?). The Dame might attract a local accountancy firm to look over several of our favorite financial waste pipes, and ask for their assessment on whether they are delivering value for money to the residents...

    1. This guy is so practised with his troughing that not even the District Auditor gets a chance to uncover sleaze. When the auditor (spurred on by angry residents) questioned Cockell's frequent First Class travel to America to attend jollies, the Chief Executive changed the K&C expense rules retrospectively. Difficult to get justice when one is up against this bunch of fleas

    2. The truth is that this council, has consistently abused its position; this is nothing new. It reflects incredibly badly on the Conservative Government and I am sure many traditional Tory voters will simply turn their backs on the party and a large number of these could well vote UKIP. Central Office really should get to grips with RBK&C and Sir Merrick in particular and turn the screw.

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