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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


In 2018 the World Gay Games will take place. The Sunday Telegraph say London is vying with Paris to hold the Games. If successful London will be the venue for a range of activities, including lesbian beach volleyball in Horse Guards Parade and trans-gender athletics in the Olympic stadium.

Boris, who is actively lobbying for London has two reasons to bring the Games to London......

  • it helps recycle the Olympics facilities
  • it will give Boris the opportunity to get Danny 'Boys' Moylan off his back
Someone needs to take charge of persuading the Gay Games organisers to plump for London. Boris is actively considering Danny 'Boys' for the role. Could it work?
Though Danny 'Boys' started his short lived diplomatic career in S. Africa, diplomacy  has never been his strong suit. 
This could be another failed Boris appointment.
Watch this the vulgar papers say!


  1. Yet another example of the poor judgment of Boris!

  2. Run for the hills!


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