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Friday, 28 September 2012


When Kensingon & Chelsea residents are asked what Jason Gwillim achieved in his short stint as Borough Commander the consensus view is that he started to rebuild community relations...prior to his arrival at an all time low. 
Police insiders say he eradicated the police on police bullying that had become prevalent. In themselves these are substantive achievements:but better still he had started to get a grip on crime reduction.


So what does the Met do with such an outstanding senior police officer? They send him off to do a non job at Empress State Building!

What a waste of a highly talented senior officer....but it begs the question WHY? 
Clearly it does not help if your superior feels that another favoured officer should have got the job. He tends to make them and others brief against you.....

It had not been an easy time for Jason. He had the double sadness of his mother becoming seriously ill and his father dying within days: something that would knock the wind out of most peoples' sails. He also had to deal with his key officers being taken from him to manage Olympics security.

Big decisions such as the closing of the Notting Hill Custody Centre and the opening of a major detention centre in Wandsworth were taken out of his hands and it now appears that the new centre turns out to be unfit for purpose!

Good men do not get the plaudits that have come Gwillim's way. As one community activist said, “He is a decent man and not given the time to do the job properly. Crime figures, were actually starting to improve and Jason should have been given the opportunity to implement his action plan.”

Another said, “ His  departure been been subject to swirling rumours and a raft of innuendo: he has been very unfairly treated and residents have a right to know why."

It is rare to find a senior community police officer enjoying such well deserved local popularity. 
We need him back-not wasting his talents in some humdrum admin job.


  1. So Horgan-Howe is bringing all his gang from Merseyside mates in? He has upset so many people and morale is really low. I heard that some officers (even of senior rank) have come back from Olympic duty to find they have been replaced at their desks by someone else. There is a climate of fear in the police force.

  2. Question is who within the borough stitched him up (Kirkpatrick?, Evans?, Ferguson? or all of the above?)

  3. Looks like Simon Ovens who was in charge of over a thousand officers in Westminster has been pushed out to an HR job. A complete waste of a good officer.

    Looks like Griggs at Southwark is out too

  5. Has any one heard the story of the Labour Councillor who was addicted to viewing Gay Porn

  6. No, but has anyone heard of the story of the Conservative cllr who before he got elected ran up a £500 bill on the Conservative office telephone making personal calls to Australia. Or the Conservative cllr who had to leave SA in a hurry....or the Conservative cllr who got convicted for child porn or the other one who sent out sexually suggestive emails of young boys using the RBKC serve

  7. Long live Conservative Councillors!

  8. Sounds like a shake up. Usually happens when a new broom is brought in. Obviously Boris thought it was time for a makeover at the Met. He found Horgan-Howe from Merseyside and now the changes are coming. Some "nice" people get hurt but hopefully the overall change will produce the overall changes that Boris thinks he wants.

    A great shame that this initiative is limited to the Met. What K&C desperately needs is a change of Leadership in the Council. The urgent requirement is for the departure of Cockell so that a new set of values and behaviors can start in Hornton Street. Many of us are waiting for this with impatience. At some stage, hopefully, the hopeless Tory Councillors will wake up and do their duty. Boot the terrible man out.

    1. What a very perceptive and wise observation this is

  9. If Jason Gwillam is all that he is cracked up to be then he will find satisfactory employment elsewhere and it can be a new start for him. A career blip that can often lead to new and better things. It is the way that democracy (and capitalism) works. He did not get to where he is by accident. A tough guy who can look after himself.

    1. A complete contrast with the toad Cockell who got where he is by creeping and manipulating weak Tory Councillors

    2. Exactly so. Cockell is the founding member of the Poodle Club of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. "Woof, woof" to muppets


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