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Thursday, 13 September 2012


It took little time for staff and borough council leaders to get thoroughly  fed up with Danny 'Boys' Moylan. 
The Standard says he....

"ruffled feathers at the London Legacy Development Corporation, particularly among some borough leaders who disliked his abrasive style."

Someone really needs to take Moylan aside and explain getting people to follow you requires their love and respect: bullying people....particularly other elected local politicians is dangerous......they can gang up against you. This appears to have happened. It is, perhaps, the other reason Boris pushed him out the LLDC.

With this deft of hand Boris scores a double whammy....he gets all the profile and kudos of LLDC and throws Daniel into the ravening lions' den of Westminster. They will not like him in that little village!
Of course, the rather pathetic PR spin is that the Mayor wants an an attack dog to  snap at ministerial heels. The reality is that Boris knows that his Fantasy Island project is just that. 
Having Daniel to take the heat of failure give Boris a useful firewall. But the question GLA members need ask is whether Moylan will still be getting the same chunky wedge.

The Dame has received this interesting view...other views welcome.

.....Boris has no trust in Moylan's ability to deliver any “legacy” post-Olympics. In any case it is such an easy win Boris wants to take all the credit.
The other theory is that Moyan has been “promoted” from a proper job to the management of Boris's campaign to "suck up to everyone living near Heathrow airport (who can vote for him) whilst pissing off everyone living near the Thames estuary (who can't)" campaign.

The only flaw is the idea that Moylan has the capacity to charm anyone.....


  1. Aaah lovely, the next phase of the BoMo bromance, born entirely by mutual self-interest and self-love.

    These are precisely the type of politicians who give decent politcians a bad name. Money, power, adulation, and (pardon the expression) shagging.

    A match made in heaven.

  2. Daniel is a great man who is an asset to Boris and the Conservative party.

    He may show his intellectual superiority to those of lesser minds like Cllr Emma Dent Coad and Cllr Judith Blakeman (who asked to swap OSC Chairmanship because Daniel was wiping the floor with her). But who cares !

    1. This sounds like a brash response from Moylan's very close friend, Cllr Buffy Buckmaster

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 12:20 you are a very foolish fellow...
      The Dame has already pointed out clever leaders have a capacity to carry people with them: what they do not do is charge around upsetting all and sundry.
      There are many 'clever' people in politics, but the fact that Daniel Moylan has never managed to move beyond the local government politics says much about how senior Conservatives regard him. He is now moving towards sixty and it seems that any 'glittering prize' has eluded him. If he were all you crack him up to be he would be holding down a senior Cabinet position by now. The very fact that he is marooned on Boris's Fantasy Island tells us all we need to know. A shame...had Moylan had a better personality he could have achieved more.

  3. Priceless. Moylan is what he he is. An internally conflicted character with abilities that self destruct. Time will solve the problem and he will just go away to Bangkok and never come back.

  4. Word has it that Boris will appoint a Deputy for the Olympic Legacy job, and that they will do all the actual work while Bojo takes the credit.

    Many GLA members (of all parties) are hoping it will be Stephen Greenhalgh, as he is useless and disinterested in policing and a total embarrassment to the Conservatives at the GLA.

    Are we quite sure that Moylan's new role is compatible with his role as an elected member? Are we quite sure he won't have to resign, as Greenhalgh did in the end?

    Watch this space.

    1. What utter B@11@ck5

    2. 16:25 stop acting like a silly schoolboy: if you want to contribute do so intelligently

  5. Incredible that Moylan did not learn a single lesson during his time at K&C. Same old hostility towards him coming around again.


  6. Moylan is powering ahead. Widely featured on BBC news tonight spearheading one of the airport studies. An experienced politician who knows exactly what he is doing.

    Smoke that one, Dame!

  7. A contradiction in terms....a local councillor hardly counts as 'an experienced politician.'
    Perhaps you means he is powering ahead as a local councillor who failed even to get nominated as a parliamentary candidate. Everybody is far too embarrassed to enquire why he failed in that ambition...any ideas 22:44?
    Still, one supposes he will keep himself occupied with his 'airport studies'. But high flying and your hero are hardly compatible.......

  8. Supporter of Moylan14 September 2012 at 08:22

    The fact is that Moylan is proud to be gay, proud to be clever and proud to be intolerant of fools. He pushes people around. So what? There are too many of the living dead in local Government. He gets results. He makes a difference. We need more like him.

  9. 8:22
    You sound simple....what has being proud to be gay got to do with anything? And pride in being clever? There are thousands of clever people: and people far cleverer than a man-who apart from becoming dep leader of a little council-have done nothing. Your chum, Moylan has really done nothing except live on the taxpayer. If he was so damned clever how come the three property companies he was a non exec of have been flops. He can't even get a parliamentary seat as the Dame has pointed out!
    Now tell us what results he has got at RBKC? Sloane Square. Get a grip man. You might be in love with the ugly monster, but don't let it interfere with whatever rationality you have!

  10. you must be bumbling detective Palmer

  11. Moylan is a clever but deeply flawed individual with a gift for offending all those who cross his path. Boris has cast him adrift in the Thames Estuary. Following his direction of travel, we may ultimately see the monument to his greatness built on the Dogger Bank.

  12. Cllr Moylan and Cllr Borwick are riding on the MAyor of London's coat tail. If he does well, they will do well. If Boris moves to the next level, new doors will open for them. Good luck to them

  13. Why did Moylan leave teh Diplomatic Service when stationed in South Africa? He always threatens people with lawyers when the subject emerges

  14. The bigger question is why Moylan spends so much time in Bangkok and why he has never managed to get selected as a PPC....something very odd here. Also why, whenever questions are raised aout the man's past he threatens people with lawyers


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