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Friday, 7 September 2012


A sharp eyed Dame follower has sent her this. It is a massive enhancement to a contract to a company that has not covered itself, or the Rotten Borough, in glory.The Standard article is worth revisiting Dodgy NSL
But, as interesting, is the fact that the ultimate owners of NSL are a Dutch Antilles based don't expect too much of your money to come back in tax! There should be a rule that no Council or Government agency does business with tax dodgers. 
In the case of NSL we should remember some of it's rather seedy looking employees whom we pay large wedges to.....

Title: Extend the Contract for the Provision of Decriminalised Traffic and Parking Enforcement Services
Decision No: 03838/12/T/A
Decision Rating: *
Detail: Request to extend the existing Contract with NSL Ltd. for a further three years at a value of £5.8 million with the purpose of providing the service for the provision of operating a decriminalised traffic and parking enforcement operation. The breakpoint of the contract expires 2 July 2013. The extension will allow the contract to expire on 1 July 2016.

Contact Officer: Jacqueline Joseph
Decision maker: Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Leisure
Main consultees: None
Date to be implemented: Not before 12 December 2012
Current status: Scheduled
Report available: No
Scrutiny committee: Public Realm Scrutiny Committee
Decision URL:


  1. Retired Chief Executive7 September 2012 at 08:58

    One of the most difficult things in business, and local Government is no different, is to break "cosy" arrangements. It requires strong, vigilant and determined leadership. It is surprising that there has been no consultation and there is no report supporting the renewal of a controversial contract like

  2. Sniff, sniff.....

    Bad smell

  3. I winder if palms are being greased at the Rotten Borough?????

  4. Outsourcing has generally been a good thing. It introduces competition which gives better service and lower costs and enables Town Halls to slim down their operations, reduce capital stock, and become more responsive to residents. But every change creates new opportunity - including the temptation to take backhanders from contractors. Garbage, pavement renewal, and parking enforcement are classic areas open to abuse. Council Leaders need to be certain that their adequate vigilance to prevent abuse. And, of course, a nose for wrongdoing.

  5. Rumour has it that NSL are Musceling in on the car park at Holland Park. The Parks Police seem to do a good job enforcing parking with a great deal of discretion, what will it be like when NSL take over?. Is this another backhander ?. If the Parks Police are not going to look after it how much discretion will park users be shown by NSL, absolutely none.


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