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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Can this really be true?

The Dame understands that Cllr Ahern has NEVER claimed expenses....

She also heard that, as Mayor, he actually PAID in £30,000 to subsidise his year.

Well done Ahern. Perhaps you could have a word with Pooter and some of your colleagues. They seem to think that council work is a way of supporting their lifestyle.


  1. This is the stuff of public service! If one is well off and therefore able to make this kind of gesture, it is in the best tradition of service to fellow residents. Cllr Ahern is to be congratulated

  2. Behaviour like this transforms the whole ethos and culture of local Government. Obviously not all Councillors are as fortunate as Cllr Ahern - but there are too many whose main purpose in office is to milk the system, puff themselves up, and take us all for a ride. A Leader who is prepared to travel to New York and entertain friends on a Saturday night at swanky restaurants, on the tax payer, should not be tolerated

  3. The Labour Councillors will have a stroke when they read this. Maybe we will be blessed by the end of Cllr Hoier. But Cllr Ahern's example is a beacon to his fellow Councillors

  4. This is not some sort of rebuke to other councillors-whether they be Conservative, Labour or LibDem.

    There are councillors from all sides who could reduce their expenses considerably, but in the main the culprits are the likes of Pooter Cockell with his outrageous claims.
    I doubt the Labour or Libdems have the opportunity to milk the system as Pooter and chums do.


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