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Monday, 24 September 2012


A message from the excellent Licensing Department at RBK&C. 
The Dame is pleased to bestow praise on hardworking Maggie Elsdon of the Knightsbridge Association and Farih Tabbah, a resident activist. Without them rallying residents to oppose this unwelcome application we could move towards the horrors in the image below. 
However, we must be ever could easily come back to haunt us.... for the moment the Qatari owners are feeling nervy.....


The Dame has no praise for Brompton Ward Cllrs Marshall, Mosley and Barkhordar.....once more asleep on the Watch

"We have been advised by Harrods solicitors that this application is to be withdrawn, with immediate effect.  We have been advised that the applicants will review their licensing requirements, with a view to submitting a new application in the near future.  If a new application is received, and after consideration you decide to make representation, you would need to write in again to this department, outlining your grounds for your representation based on the application and one or more of the licensing objectives."


  1. This is a diversion by the Arabs. They will try to slip in a new proposal and start the idea off again, hoping to exhaust residents in the process.

    It is high time that Councillors grasped the fact that residents have lives to lead and Councillors are elected to safeguard our interests. Why are the plebs Marshall, Mosley and Abbas asleep on the job?

  2. What progress is Cllr Abbas making with his election promise to get rid of the cars that race around Harrods?

  3. Seems to me that all our esteemed councillors need to remember who actually votes for them and what exactly they are there for - see councillor Warrick's comment at a recent planning committee meeting that commercial interests come before those of residents.

  4. Cllr Bark (without the bite) seems to have joined the ranks of Cockell's poodles


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