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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


In the case of the Dame, the Actonian maxim "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely"  does not apply. (thought it might to Pooter).
But she was astonished to find that her advice to the Prime Minister to get rid of Pooter's pal, Bob Neill had effect. Until recently Bob was bobbing around as minister at Communities and Local Government...he is no longer: his backside is firmly back on the backbenches. 
Alert followers of the Dame will recall that Neill fulminated against Standards Committees-the last bastion against corrupt and amoral councillors. Bob's punishment for this crime against residents is to be cast out into utter darkness.
Neill was a great friend and supporter of Pooter. Let us hope the going of Bob will not have a negative impact on the peerage Pooter so yearns for......


  1. Interesting that you knock a man on the way down - tells us the kind of person you are

  2. That's politics for you: a nasty game for nasty people. Frankly, no one will miss Bob much.....though he will probably miss his rather chunky ministerial salary.

  3. Good news. Not an attractive person.

  4. Pooter needs to read the tealeaves. He and his kind are on the way out


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