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Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Dear Dame,

Where there's graffiti there's crime: the two go together. 
That has been the experience in New York. 
The Mayor's Policing Adviser found that when you had a Zero Tolerance attitude to graffiti there was a clear drop in street crime.

There has been a spate of graffiti in recent weeks in my neighbourhood

There are often groups of young people hanging around both ends of the mews where I live late at night and I notice that the council are not replacing lights and there are no cameras. 

I feel that this may lead to increased opportunistic petty crime, certainly, there has been a rise in the number of vehicles that have smashed window screens.

An immediate deterrent may be to post signage about fines for committing graffiti in the same way there are signs about not allowing dogs to foul the footpath. I wonder even if there is a local bylaw about this?  

But also, and as a priority, there needs to be a scheme for CCTV in vulnerable areas. When my own car was broken into recently by the Royal Albert Hall, it was parked outside a property belonging to the Royal College of Music under 
what I assumed was a working camera. 

When I spoke to the local caretakers and residents after my car was broken into they told me that there were break ins there every week because the Council had turned off the CCTV, something that the criminals are clearly aware of.

A friend had his car broken into by the Fulham road cinema and ironically he was able to track the thieves with each of their attempted uses of a stolen credit card
as they used if for contactless purchases....

I also saw a pair on a moped off Kensington High Street break into a car and steal a bag, I chased them but by the time they reached the high street they disappeared into the
traffic. This is not a large geographical area - surely there could be an intelligent CCTV system installed in key locations.

Sincerely ,



  1. The problem is...there aren't enough I was told (by a policeman).

    1. The choice is coppers or cameras. I know which I would rather have.

      In the meantime the Kensington and Chelsea Council manages to find money to spend on things like Opera Holland Park. £1 million for a new paved area and landscaping to support the tent and delight the patrons. Passed off in the Planning Committee as a seating out area for residents - but seating out that is only available in the Winter months of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb.

  2. Knife Crime Watcher7 March 2019 at 07:44

    In the short term; drag every copper we've got out from behind desks and steering wheels, onto the streets, go back to beat policing, search likely knife carriers and change the law so that the unlawful carrying of a blade puts you in prison for ten years.
    No arguments.

    1. That is a major part of the solution

    2. It looks like volunteer cops scheme is successful here. See, it's all about lack of funds. If there are willing volunteers, why don't they get paid like the ones on the payrolls?

  3. Playing a certain type of music has been known to stop this type of behaviour occurring.


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