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Thursday, 28 March 2019


Dear Dame,

May I correct your title ' A flawed good idea'?

This poorly thought through idea is stolen from Westminster City Council and like that council's idea it will have no legs.

I write as a small business owner with shops in and around the Royal Borough.

I wonder if any councillor or officer has any idea of the financial pain small business people are enduring? 
I doubt it. 
Most seem clueless about the real world and have nil business experience.

Let me put the leader straight....

Every year business has to contend with ever-rising rents and crippling business rates which the Council collects.
Yet, as you have mentioned in the past, the Council has been profligate with our tax splashing it about on Middle Eastern festivals and pointless road schemes like Exhibition Rd as well as Opera Holland Park!
It's all very well officers like Quirk coming up with begging bowl ideas: he's getting over £270,000 a year which is much more than my four shops generate in profit.
Better still, he gets a £100,000 a year pension: a risk free life.

So, no....count me out. I will not be giving my hard earned money to a council which has no idea of the value of money. 
If I am going to support a local school I will do so directly with fellow local businessmen. 

Kind regards

A local small businessman who wishes to be anonymous


  1. Well said Small Businessman. You, and more like you, need to remind Councillors to stick to their jobs and avoid straying into fairy land. This is a cheap PR stunt and sad that the Leader from Sloane Square is diminishing her office by peddling this tripe.

  2. As usual, local Government with its eye off the ball. And local politicians desperate for social approval using their office to peddle snuff.

    Pathetic and miserable.

    Cllr Campbell needs to join the real world of her residents and businesses, the people who are paying the Council Tax, and understand that her first priority is to keep them alive so that we have the taxes to pay for the schools and the elderly. And while she is about it, she needs to stop splurging on Opera Holland Park (indulging her toff mates) and stop dreaming about Exhibition Road type projects that she can boast about at her Chelsea dinner parties.

    Miserable woman

  3. When will they learn?

  4. It is very sensible that the NHS in North West London is now going to develop a 'new plan'. The infighting between local politicians and NHS clinicians/managers has been to the detriment of our region.

    * Shaping a Healthier Future - statement | Healthier North-West London (NHS)

    * ‘Monstrous’ £500m scheme to close London A&Es scrapped after Hancock U-turn

  5. Direct giving is the benchmark for charity. Businessman is right to avoid the Council in dishing out his hard earned money. And it will be spent efficiently because he will make sure that it is - or stop giving. And of course no added overhead to pay for Council amateurs

  6. Businessman would pay less rates if Hornton Street stopped spending Council Tax on Opera Holland Park.

    Another £1.7 million blown on a new foundation for the Opera tent - and council tax payers hoodwinked into thinking that this is a "sitting out area" for park visitors.

    1. The mentality in Hornton Street that is prepared to spend £1.7 million for a new pavement area for Opera Holland Park is obviously not going to apply its mind to the boring issue of business rates!

      Businessman needs to move to another Borough

  7. Back in the day most councils were led by local business people who had developed the wisdom to know what was best for their neighbourhood.

    Unfortunately we now endure hobby councillors.


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