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Saturday, 16 March 2019


Blot on the landscape
The Middle Eastern owner of the vile and vulgar Caramel that replaced the much loved La Brasserie in Brompton Rd seems to be taking his time to repair the damage caused by a couple of furtive firebombers.

So loved and much lamented
The other day the Dame was at the perfect Le Colombier and her aged mind was taken back to those far off days when its charming owner, Didier, ran La Brasserie.

Time the council kicked the bottom of the ghastly owner of Caramel and told him to get on with tidying up the site.

How wonderful if Didier announced that he would return to his old haunt......


  1. There are plans for La Brasserie which have nothing to do with restaurants. The policy is to create protest from toothless Dames in order to provide the basis for relaxed planning permissions. Didier has moved on and is getting old in the tooth - just like the Dame. He survives by flattering the elderly and nearly deaf and dumb.

    1. The Late Barry Phelps16 March 2019 at 17:57

      What are you on about? "Plans for La Brasserie"?
      Dimwit it's already going to be re-opened as its former incarnation-Caramel...Keep up and zip it up

    2. are naughty

  2. Water pipes and other Arab trash will now infect Brompton Road.

  3. This place used to be a favourite for Saturday lunch before leaving for the country. And Andrew Neale would regularly turn up in his E Type and park with a dolly bird for Saturday lunch too. That was the '70s. Today it is Ally, Siad, mutton and pipe. And ghastly Bugattis with Qatari number plates. Disgorging the ugliest louts that one can imagine.

    Oh for the old days.

    1. The less said about Mr Andrew Neale the better

    2. might help if you spelt his name correctly. Of course, dimwitted Lefties like you fear the lash of Neil's ruthless of the best of interviewers

  4. Bring Back The Burch17 March 2019 at 18:16

    Grace, Space, Pace. Jaguars were the sign of the ambitious and upwardly mobile like Neale. The E Type drew attention but it was refined, quiet and had class. Unlike the vulgar transport of modern day Arabs in London.


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