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Thursday, 28 March 2019


The Council leader has written to residents soliciting views on whether they would support a charitable trust funded by voluntary contributions from council taxpayers.
The aim of the trust would be to bridge the gap between the Borough's rich and poor

This is what the Dame thinks...

1. The Council leads the way by asking councillors to reduce their allowances by 10-15% and divert the saving to the fund. 
K&C councillors enjoy allowances far greater than boroughs of comparative size.
Officers, like Doc Quirk, might also be able to afford to throw in a few quid from his £250k a year salary.

2. Immediately cease the funding of Opera Holland Park-a luxury none of us can afford.

3. Ensure that Borough business runs the fund: councillors and officers have a haphazard record in relation to money management- vide Exhibitionist Rd

We live in a diverse borough ranging from some of the wealthiest households in the country to some of the most deprived areas of London.
All of us here at the council are determined that everyone has the opportunity to make a success of their lives, no matter their background.
This means pupils from all walks of life winning places at university.
It means apprenticeships, skills and routes into employment or entrepreneurship.
It means investing in the right provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, so they too can achieve their full potential.
This is why today, I am launching a consultation on whether you would like to contribute a little more to the borough.
I am asking if you can help us establish a new charitable fund that invests in young people who live in the borough and helps them build the skills and gain the employment that will improve their lives and the future prospects of those around them.
In our new Council Plan for the next four years, one of our main ambitions is to narrow the gap in our borough and in our society and we want to work with you to make this happen.
We are proposing a completely voluntary scheme with any money invested to be targeted for young people, skills, career progression and education.
At this stage, we are really keen to see what you think and how much you would like to be involved.


  1. Once more the old Dame puts her finger on the problem. Residents just don't trust this or other councils with their money

  2. I would not trust this council to send money wisely

    1. +1

      But I bet that "spending money wisely" is not their intention even though they say so publicly....they have to. Their action and results speak itself.

  3. Too many Councillors with not enough to do. Hornton Street needs to concentrate on what they are required to do. Like clearing the dustbins and sweeping the streets. Councillors should not stray into areas that are not qualified for and should avoid wasting their time by pulling at the heart strings of wealthy residents.

    What is it about this Tory tribe in Hornton Street? Every now and again there is a rash of delusion from bird brained puffers. Remember Pooter and his demented Cabinet Member for Finance? The one who invented the "21st Century Projects for RBKC?" He launched the idea at a main Council Meeting with the words: "Not since the days of the great Victorian Philanthropists has there been an ambition to spend public money on this scale". One of the first "21st Century Projects" was the rebuilding of Holland Park School at a cost of £100 million. Not a single extra space was created, the Government benchmark cost for a new school of that size is £30 million, and the old school that was knocked down was rated as one of the top condition schools in the UK by the Department of Education. But Pooter got his Statue of Liberty in Holland Park and made a big splash as part of his campaign to join the House of Lords. Which was spiked by the Dame.

  4. Lord Kensington29 March 2019 at 08:21

    I remember this well. "21 Projects for the 21st Century". Stirring stuff. The new Councillors are rather modest. Cannot compare with my generation

    1. Time for you to move over, Sir

  5. Retired Cheif Executive29 March 2019 at 19:24

    This is a slippery slope. The idea of controlling money in order to dish out patronage is tempting and seductive for politicians whose lives are essentially dedicated to dealing in power.

    The danger is that an automatic charge will be added to the Council Tax and residents will be offered an "opt out" if they do not want to pay. Money will pile up and it will not be spent efficiently or properly.

    Leave charity to those who know and understand how to make it work. Hornton Street should not be the first port of call.

    1. What sensible advice from Chief Executive. Bored and socially ambitious Councillors love to spout about "helping the poor". Especially if they can do so with other peoples money. The worst sort of amateurs.

      Genuine benefactors get on with it without making a fanfare. Without trying to puff themselves up as do gooders. George Michael is a contemporary example of private and generous giving.

  6. Council Tax Payer30 March 2019 at 07:56

    What on earth is the Council Leader thinking of? She should stick to her job and leave charity to those who know and understand it.

    If Cllr Campbell personally wants to donate to causes close to her heart (and she has huge amounts of spare cash to splash around) then she should get on with it. Without fanfare and publicity.

  7. Park it Lizzie. Stop being dizzy

  8. I thought the council already had a charitable arm in the form of the K&C Foundation. At their suggestion I have been donating my winter fuel allowance (and a bit more) to their coffers for several years. What's new about this latest initiative?


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