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Wednesday, 18 July 2018



If you live behind the Forum Hotel in Cromwell Road and plan to move do it now!
If not, expect to face several years when your property will be blighted and unsaleable....all thanks to a Chinese gentleman called Mr. Yeung and an Irishman, Mr. Mulryan
These two intend to make tens of millions redeveloping the hotel and no one is going to get in their way.

Once again, the residents of Kensington & Chelsea face years of disruption to their lives for the benefit of offshore investors.

Financing the development are the HK based Yeung family whilst the construction will be in the hands of Irish property developer, Donal Mulryan, owner of Rockwell, who had a few issues back in 2009.

And once again, we see foreign investors seeking to make short-term profits to the detriment of the long-term welfare of residents.

The proposed scheme will be an intensive redevelopment of a high-density residential area. 

Expect years of noise, pollution and traffic chaos: in other words, a long-term blight on homes with a considerable financial loss in already difficult times.

Any development should be restricted to the current area footprint, but that won't provide sort of greedy returns these offshore investors demand.

So tax paying residents will suffer so an already super rich HK family get even richer.
No doubt, sophisticated tax planning will ensure they pay minimal development tax.

The developers will try to 'turn' residents by using crafty and amoral public relations operators. 

Fight back...your interests and those of Queensgate Investments/Rockwell are massively misaligned. 

These gamblers don't give a damn about you or the health-financial, or otherwise of your family.

Residents need to understand the Queensgate Investments/Rockwell propaganda machine will spin every sort of lie to get what they need to fight back.


  1. These offshore property billionaires are a tiring nuisance to RBKC.

    We should ask Mr Mulryan and Mr Yeung to move into Cromwell Road for the duration of the works and see how they can live with it. If it was their own back garden they surely wouldn't accept it... and neither should we!

    1. A good point...Mulryan lives in splendour in Ireland and Yeung a massive penthouse in HK....we are like serfs to these people

    2. Not a nuisance to RBKC. They are a source of income to RBKC. The nuisance is to the hard-pressed residents, at least those of us who are still here. You would think that after all that has happened in the last year they would have learned some lessons but no. We pussy cats meekly vote them back in. Nothing changes.

  2. Of course....that is what they do, scope out opportunities, ripe for redevelopment with high returns, a tried and tested business model.
    RBKC will do nothing, look at Sutton Dwellings!
    Shame on them - all of them.

  3. Kensington Pensioner19 July 2018 at 07:43

    Has the Kensington Society taken a position about this development? Is there a residents' Action Group?

    1. Yes, the KS are fiercely and actively against it

  4. well, let's see what the KS are going to do about it... The scheme is wonderful income for the Councillors ar RBKC, not the residents. Has not the time arrived, when the residents should be listened to?


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