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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Amigo Loans is so awful that even the capitalistic Daily Mail described the founder as a 'billionaire loan shark'. See LINK

You would think that the founder, James Benamor, being the son of Tunisian immigrants, would feel empathy for the struggles of the newly arrived who can't get loans. 

Not a bit of it!
The kind soul is ready with his 49% APR loans and woe betide you if you fall behind.
So, what does this have to do with our Royal Borough? 
Well, two of its advisers, JP Morgan Cazenove and some PR outfit, Hawthorn, run by the Duchess of Cornwall's nephew, Ben Elliot, are busy polishing this excreta of a company: both live in the Borough and many in the North of the Borough are in hock to this vile firm.
The chap in charge of turning this unpleasant money lender into a billionaire is RBK&C resident, Edward Gibson-Watt, an executive director of JP Morgan Cazenove.
It's an irony that the City can raise multi-millions for what the Daily Mail described as a loan shark company, yet cannot help decent companies raise money.

In the old days Cazenove would never have allowed a filthy company through its times change.


  1. That's not capitalism; that thieving....avoid

    1. Lord Social-Animal12 July 2018 at 13:29

      The Gibson-Watt family were at one time called Watt but decided to smarten it up when they made money in Victorian times.
      Their money derives from the money lender, Ricardo, who they married into

    2. Well, truth be told, isn't that ultimately how all double-barrelled names come about if you go back far enough? Rich father only has daughters, so his grandchildren won't have his name, so he leaves them all his money on condition they change their name to his. They fudge it slightly by just adding his name to theirs in order to get the money. Quite squalid actually.

    3. The unacceptable face of capitalism.

  2. Its what you get when the Windsors marry down. Great PR impact but the baggage of the American actress and the Middleton trolly dolly is not a pretty sight."Doors to manual" was never more appropriate.

    Camilla and her lot are infested with bounders. Ben is scruffy and personally challenged. JP Morgan has been buying out the old Blue Blood brokers (Cazenove, Hoare)and bringing in all kinds of riff raff who like to feel they have arrived.

    Its London today. No taste, no manners, no breeding. Just Arabs, money, Philip Green and EDC.

    Ghastly. Absolutely ghastly.

    1. The Hon. Barry Phelps13 July 2018 at 17:39

      Does this apply to the aristocratic Cllr Taylor-Smith? Sounds terrible 'trade' side in the 'schmutter' biz and the other 'blacksmithing'

  3. The "new" Royals are a rough lot. They would blend in perfectly sleeping rough at Marble Arch. But they use their contacts to seek commissions and favours from the rich.

    1. Not as rough as the Labour MP for Kensington.


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