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Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Street cleaning in the Royal Borough is efficiently done. 

The cleaning teams are dedicated and hardworking.
A reader has just sent the Dame a picture of a vast pile of unsorted rubbish dumped on a Knightsbridge street.
It was on an incorrect day, with no attempt to properly bag it or recycle it.

Step forward Miss Ana Delgado, a Panamanian lawyer, and, until recently, her country's ambassador to the UK.
This was her very lame excuse considering it has happened previously.
This was her last excuse....

Dear Mr. *******
I have already took attention to the matter and spoke to the Council of Kensington and Chelsea 2 days ago. (No, she did not so it lends credence to ambassadors being sent abroad to lie on behalf of their country)
I apologize for inconvenience. I am currently outside London and it was a mistake made by new cleaner who was not aware of rules.
This won’t happen again,

Ana Irene Delgado

You would expect Miss Delgado to ensure her cleaner(if she did?) had instructions about when to put out rubbish..... but maybe, Her (Ex) Excellency doesn't believe the rules apply to her.
Having told the Council it wouldn't happen again she then dumped another load. 
Maybe she will claim diplomatic immunity!
Fortunately, a civic-minded fellow resident bought it back off the street and pushed it into the ex- ambassador's flat entrance.

Miss Delgado needs to understand what might be acceptable in Panama City is illegal and unacceptable in the Royal Borough of K&C
It's time neighbours and the Council had a few words with this selfish woman. 
For an ex-ambassador, to behave as she has is unforgivable.
Being a 'hot shot' lawyer she will probably try to sue the old Dame. Good luck with that one, dear!


  1. The whole area is a mess with the invasion of visitors who seem incapable of behaving in a civilised way.

    1. This is part of the problem of Government policy that encourages all kinds of rich low life to park their funds in London property. My block of flats has an odious Saudi owner who also owns other flats in the area for his servants. The servants come to clean, bag up their rubbish, and throw it over the wall of neighbour houses.

      The neighbours find the name and address of the owner from letters in the rubbish and come and complain. When the Managing Agent writes to the Saudi and asks them to desist they threaten to take the Agent to the Race Relations Court. "We are respectable people educated in America" they trill.

      Trash. Not welcome here.

    2. @16:56 I can only imagine, as I have not visited Saudi Arabia, that's how they discard their rubbish over there? It's not just my experience, my neighbour up the road was also complaining about another family who do not clean and litters. It seems that my image of clean? pure? muslim people have been totally wrong.

    3. 16.56. Is the trash the "trash" or the Saudi?

    4. The trash is the Saudi

    5. Re Anon 20:56. I have been to KSA and worked there. I can confirm that this IS THE WAY they discard their rubbish.

    6. Thanks for your confirmation 12:48. I am glad that they feel at home here. Allah must also be pleased. Nice religion since we can all forget to consider others and just think about yourself. My kinda religion if I ever had to choose though I will never ever be religious.

  2. For an ex ambassador, abeit of a small country, to behave in this way is incredible- and a lawyer to boot! Well done, Dame for putting the boot in!

  3. Looks horrible! What a bloody cheek littering our streets.

  4. One of the biggest problems in the borough is that foreigners do not know or care how dispose of their rubbish, especially Europeans! They dump where ever and when ever. This is in some cases with dedicated bins areas.

    One active thing the council could do is a refuse leaflet language in different languages so all know where and when to put your rubbish out.

    1. I'd say newcommers tend to throw rubbish whenever, wherever they like even in their own yard. I think leaflet is explained visually so no need to translate it into 36 different languages? There is no way the streetline could enforce people from littering and it's difficult since some of them don't even speak English and if you tell them they'll say YES, YES just to satisfy you and go back to littering.....

    2. Notices are a waste of time. It has to be sanctions. Fines. Public outing and ridicule. Cancellation of Visas. Simple really. Just needs politicians with balls. This is the real problem.

    3. Will councillors do something about this borough wide problem?

    4. This is the kind of "boring for Councillors" but "very important for residents" issue that the Council (Officers and Councillors) should be attending to.

      Unfortunately too many of them are more concerned with spending £ millions of Council Tax on fripperies like Holland Park Opera and securing brown envelopes to pay for holiday homes in Croatia

  5. Dame, please write to George Osborne, the Editor of the Evening Standard, and suggest that the paper starts a campaign to "name and shame" those foreigners who should know better and refuse to "do in Rome as the Romans do"

    1. Osborne only interested in shafting May. No time for anything else. Unless of course, the litter bugs can be shown to be friends of the "dead woaman walking".

  6. Miss Delgado is one part of the problem. The foreign invasion has transformed the area in a highly destructive way...Beauchamp Place, Brompton Rd and the area around Harrods have been blighted with the stench of musky perfumes, sweet, flowery stink of shisha pipes with waiters hurrying around with dangerously blazing braziers.
    All this against the aircraft roar of their ludicrous supercars. We are hostages to their money and their vulgar culture

    1. re anon 08:47: You are right, that these people do as they feel fit. The Dame has highlighted the various problems often. Had we done, as we felt fit, in their countries, we would be locked up and charged with ludicrous offences. What's good for the goose, does not seem to be good for the gander....


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