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Thursday, 5 July 2018


You thought commercial vehicles needed to apply for parking suspension notices? 
Think again......

RBK&C's parking team who work from Hammersmith & Fulham Council's offices has changed the rules (yes, very strange that this has been outsourced)

Now, if you are a removals firm, you will not be penalised if you decide not to bother with the fuss of obtaining and paying for a suspension permit.
One resident reported an incident of two vast Hedley Humper removal vehicles not just occupying 5 resident bays but parking alongside each other narrowing the road width and causing serious congestion.

2 Monsters blocking busy road

During the entire day, not one CEO bothered to investigate the matter.
Why would they?
After all, far more lucrative for CEO's to wander around ticketing overstays causing no congestion but adding huge revenues to council coffers!

When the resident reported the matter, Team Leader, Mr Nick Day weakly justified things by saying, “We do try to encourage removal vans to book suspensions prior to any removal work”

Mr. Day, your job is not to somewhat sweetly ‘encourage’; your job is to enforce the rules as they apply to every commercial operator.

Your sweet encouragement will quickly be interpreted by every company as, “ we can get away with it”


  1. This cannot be correct. Surely, Mr Day is telling us that commercial vehicles can act illegally!

  2. What is very odd is that we are so pathetic that we need to get a Labour Borough to operate our Parking Services.
    What a waste of time and money was the service sharing idea.

    1. Oh, come on. This is a covert way of channelling some dosh to cash strapped H&F.

  3. Come on, Mr Quirke.....what's going on? You are the CE. Whip these juniors into line

    1. Quirke Watcher5 July 2018 at 16:53

      This is low level stuff which is of no interest to Mr Quirke. He cannot write a book or make a presentation about such an insignificant subject.

    2. It would be wonderful World should our dear quirky Quirk practiced what he writes about in his 'management' tomes and waffles about at any possible opportunity.

  4. If the traffic department is not doing enforcement then the Enforcement Officers are redundant. They should be given notice to quit or re deployed.

    1. oh, dear, please face reality! RBKC employees DO NOT receive notices to Quit. They are just quietly moved horizontally to another Borough, or spend some time in the fetid mire of the bottomless Local Government Staff swamp.

  5. If there were a database of Local Government Employees, showing their education, if any beyond Kindergarten, qualifications if any, and chronicling their 'career', most of you may be amazed how these people survive.. moving from one Borough to another, imposing their incompetence and maybe simple stupidity with impunity or fear of any retribution, should they err. Nice one, if you have no drive or ambition to become anything. But than, be fair, better than JSA and it pays the mortgage, should they have one

  6. Utterly outrageous! We are all victims of RBKC inability.

  7. It's utterly ridiculous that the team responsible for issues of traffic management of one of the world's most congested areas is located miles away in Hammersmith.
    Quite crazy and Alice in Wonderland

  8. How many times do we have say that this tri-borough collaboration was a costly mistake.


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