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Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Dear Dame, 

Did you know that the Council's chief executive is a medical man? 
Yes, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I realised that "Our Barry" is a doctor.
'Doc' Quirk

Anyway, Doc Quirk has decided we need yet another committee so we now have an Administration Committee offering more chances for councillors to grab more allowances.

The Dame's dear readers need to click on here NONSENSE to get the full flavour of the left wing claptrap from this third rate, self-styled academic. 

Some examples for those of you who cannot be bothered using the link

officers expect high standards of courtesy and personal and professional integrity from councillors. 
Some councillors have need to take more care of their personal hygiene"

“New members code of conduct. 
This is especially for the Labour lot who eat pork scratchings during committee meetings, chew tobacco and bring their whippets into meetings"

new ethics panel”

"ethics independents to be paid £300/day instead of £500/year" Ex Cllr Barry Phelps has agreed to vet members' members"

“new protocol for councillors dealing with planning officers as some planning officers have complained that councillors try to solicit their help on behalf of developer friends"

No doubt Dizzy Lizzie and her gang are frightfully impressed with Doc Quirk's flights of fancy....I fear tears before bedtime with this pseud in charge.

Yours deferentially,

Sir D******k  M*****s


  1. We need to rid ourselves of the likes of Quirk in local government and repalce them with proper business people

    1. At first I thought that the Dame had been smoking something. Just to be certain I visited the Council website and got the shock of my life. It is all there. The "Administration Committee" met last Monday and the Agenda and papers are all on the website for we overtaxed and abused residents to read at our leisure.

      And what alot of sixth form clap trap.

  2. I know why NPB is called Piggy now.
    What an awful heartless man he is. I hope he will be thrown in jail soon...the better.

  3. Dame you need to get to grips with this blog and ensure that what is written is supported by facts, and not mob mentality. I want to give one example regarding the Grenfell cladding. Fielding Mellon has been accused of making savings that resulted in the awful tragedy, wanted posters have been put up around Ladbroke Grove, yet the press and all his other accusers have ignored an email he wrote to a TMO director stating that he supported the more expensive option also the evidence suggests that he did not get involved in the decision. So Dame out of respect for those who lost their lives in the the Grenfell tragedy stop giving a platform to the mob and left-wing rabble, who see themselves as judge and jury, because only the facts will deliver justice and ensure this never happens again.

    1. Clear The Swamp13 June 2018 at 10:03

      9.37 you make a powerful observation. If your observation is correct then it needs to be submitted in evidence to the Inquiry which has been set up precisely in order to get to the truth of Grenfell and allocate blame where it is due.

      Regarding the current nonsense of the "Administration Committee", the Dame is stating facts. You should study the papers yourself. Just log into the Council website. You will find the most awful sixth form tripe from a hopeless Town Clerk who is working alongside a birdbrain leader. (dizzy announced that "Holland Park School cost nothing").

      Agenda for the Administration Committee held last Monday 11th June
      pdf Agenda Part A (112Kb)
      pdf A5 Ethical Governance Report (265Kb)
      pdf A5 Appx 1 - Code of Conduct Revised (201Kb)
      pdf A5 Appx 2 - Ethics Panel ToR (62Kb)
      pdf A5 Appx 3 - Member Officer Relations (134Kb)
      pdf A6 S151 Officer (171Kb)
      pdf A7 Members Allowances Scheme (SRAs) (136Kb)
      pdf A8 Programme of meetings (87Kb)
      pdf A8 Appx meeting dates (189Kb)
      pdf A8 Appx meetings card 2018 (76Kb)
      pdf A8 Appx meetings card 2019 (88Kb)
      pdf A9 Pocklington Trust (99Kb)

    2. Cant think of a more deserving person for a "Wanted Poster" than Fielding-Mellen. A self seeking monster.

    3. Thank you 10:03 the point I was trying to make was that when we make personal attacks we should ensure what we are saying is true. I agree that RBKC have not acted in the best interests of residents and that there has been a culture of bullying by in particular some officers, but I am optimistic that there are attempts to consign this to the past. I believe the inquiry has the email I refer to. 10:11 epitomises some of the idiotic comments posted here. The Dame has shown over the years that if we are going to effect change we have to be sensible in our actions and comments. Otherwise and rightly so no one will listen.

    4. The Pocklington Trust (see Agenda for the Administrative Committee) makes education grants to young disadvantaged people who have lived in the Borough for at least 10 years. Hopefully these young people are deserving. A great idea. BUT NOT ON THE COUNCIL TAX.

      These Councillors and officers are bored, do not have enough to do, and too much money to spend. What on earth are they doing with our Council Tax playing at being at being Whiggs? The feudal society is no more. Local Government should be restricted to clearing the dustbins and cleaning the parks. Making education grants with taxpayers money IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING

  4. Abingdon Resident13 June 2018 at 10:08

    Anthony Walker, The Chairman of the Edwardes Square and Scarsdale Residents Association, has warned residents to be on their guard about the Administration Committee and what is going on about code of conduct changes in the planning arena.

    We have been warned.

    Mr Walker is a noted architect and an acknowledged expert in conservation matters.

  5. The Royal Borough is now in the grips of mediocrity. A Town Hall in the feeble hands of dizzy and Quirk. What a catastrophe.

    But the forces of change are biding their time. The Grenfell inquiry is going to blow the whole thing open. The good residents of this Borough are determined that truth will emerge.

    Cllr Mills is biding her time. dizzy is the walking dead.

  6. Oh, dear people, how could you possibly be so, so vindictive? Just read what DR Quirk thinks of himself at
    Is he deluded?

  7. PS: DR Quirk has a PhD in political geography, whatever that means.
    synonymous with 'basket weaving' I would guess. He is NOT a Medical doctor.

  8. This is utter claptrap. None of the quotes above can be found in the meeting documents. This seems to have been made up by one of the disgruntled former councillors who have been ousted since Grenfell.

    The Administration Committee has existed since 19 July 2001, so it's definitely not something new.
    The need for a revised Code of Conduct document, stating how both councillors and council employees should behave, became very obvious after Grenfell, which is why it is now being prepared. And since 2011 the Localism Act has required that councils have a body of independent persons who scrutinise how the council interacts with the residents. The three person Ethics Panel is an attempt by the RBKC to implement this.
    Barry Quirk has been hired to bring the RBKC council into the 21st century, teaching the councillors that they need to work for the residents instead of for themselves, precisely what Dame loves to criticise our politicians for. We should let him get on with his job!

    1. oh, really. Its like the 'one-eyed teaching the blind to read'. Wherever you go, everyone says how much WORSE everything has become. Repairs service almost non-existent, communal gardening gone to seed.. The Council is in a melt-down and DR Quirk is hardly the right one to sort it out.

    2. The Dames Investigator13 June 2018 at 23:32

      12.36, you need to make a couple of hours available and READ THE DOCUMENTS. All on the website. You will see the nonsense.

  9. Retired Cheif Executive13 June 2018 at 17:26

    In times of trouble, organisations frequently reach out to scribblers to produce revised rules and guidelines. They never make a scrap of difference. The Leader needs to set the tone, communicate it effectively, Lead by example, and come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who lets the side down. Anything else is a waste of time.

    I shudder to think how many man hours were spent on writing the papers for the Committee on Monday, and even more man hours reading the papers (they probably were not read) and discussing
    at Committee. Members will have left the Committee thinking to themselves "what a waste of time".

    And in case I am accused of bias or worse, please allow me to correct myself. "man hours" is no longer PC. I should of course have said "person hours".

    1. dizzy setting the tone? are you stupid, or what?

      just as well you are retired 17.26

    2. Wise words from Retired Chief Executive. Reading through Mr Quirk's documents makes you realise what an irrelevant organisation Hornton Street has become. A home for pen pushers, puffers and hopeless persons

  10. The Pocklington Trust is a TRUST. No council tax is included in the amounts granted to the recipients of awards from this trust, rest assured.

    1. I am glad to hear this. Just a bit of ego tripping then?


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