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Friday, 8 June 2018


Dear Dame,
The other day Mr. Gove- a resident of our fair borough, launched a broadside at crony capitalism suggesting leaders of our FTSE companies were so motivated by greed they no longer knew how to lead and thought only of ripping off their companies with mega pay-packets and obscene option deals.
He might also want to consider the pack he runs with.....
Never has the threshold for being a great political leader been so low as it is in today's politics.... nationally and locally.

Bell End

In London, we have a mayor so lacking in charisma or talent that he has allowed our great city to become a global laughing stock.

And we don’t need to look too far in local government with examples like Pooter Cockell and ‘Milord’ Hanningfield of Essex CC to see examples of ‘faux’ leaders.

The British were once fabled for producing outstanding leaders in every sphere so where’s it all gone wrong?

The police are one example.
The paucity of natural leaders is such that senior officers have to be sent away on leadership courses or given time off to pursue degrees in criminology at Sussex ‘Uni’ where they come under the malign influence of wispy bearded academics with daft ideas.
The poor saps then go back to work convinced they have to put these daft ideas into working practice!

At the Met we have a perfect example of the type.
Miss Dick, the Commissioner, is steeped in the world of academia.
The daughter of an Oxford academic, Dick, likes her senior officers to take courses in social studies so that they can empathise with the criminal classes!

In days gone by the leadership of the police was very much in the hands of  retired ex-military.
Chief Constables were often former senior army officers, adept at man management and unrelenting in their goal of keeping crime off our streets.

The other day the Dame reported that our own ex Borough Commander, Ellie O’Connor, now ‘early retired ‘on a platinum plated pension, visited a local police station and lectured officers on the need to get fit and lose weight.
As Miss O’Connor weighed in at around 17 stone officers were said to have thought she was ‘‘avin a larf”

Leadership in action....!

Yours ever,

A Frightened Resident.


  1. Gove could have been talking about greedy and useless water company bosses

  2. "Ellie O'Connor .... visited a local police station"

    Where did she manage to find one? I think we should be told


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