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Sunday, 3 June 2018


When the Dame reads of councillors putting forward advisers the cynic in her surfaces.
In the bad old days of Pooter Cockell we heard of too many cosy tete a tete's with big-time developers. 

We have heard the same stories from Westminster with Cllr Robert Davis and his constant contact with rich men all with big money on their minds.
Of course, it gives councillors a thrill to hobnob with powerful men. 
And nothing thrilled Cockell more than hijacking the Bentley for a spin to the Ritz to meet the Barclay twins. 
Was there ever a senior officer present? 
Were minutes taken? 

Now, we hear that young Quentin Marshall wants to shift the investment strategy from equities to commercial property. 
Councils like investing in commercial because for some inane reason C. Government allows them to borrow to fund acquisitions at preferential interest rates.

Initial meetings with potential property investment advisers should be handled by senior officers. 
Councillors should never be allowed to put up candidates.
Back in your box, Mr Marshall....


  1. Our polo loving pony boy is also working in the finance industry. He needs to tread very carefully with this conflict of interest. The Hornets will pounce with speed and stings at the first whiff of "advisor fees" from introductions

  2. Senior officers are no more trustworthy than councillors. They can be even more rotten because they are accountable to nobody. Councillors have to report to us, the voters, but the officers have a job for life irrespective of how badly they behave. Meetings should always have 2 or more council representatives present.

  3. Cockell was constantly having one to one's with developers. His career with the council was a disgrace.

  4. Chief Warrick Bigfoot4 June 2018 at 09:24

    When councils start investing in commercial property using cheap money a bubble develops and when bubbles burst horrible things happen

    1. NOT only COMMERCIAL property, but also RESIDENTIAL, which offer a far greater flexibility. For example, the leasehold to social housing ration manipulation. Lower social housing, the better. In RBKC's case, far too many luxurious abodes were built, owned and 'occupied' by non-tax payers; instead of adequate number of social housing, needed by our residents. This resulted and still results in people being accommodated in wrong places, leading to disaster, as was the case of the disabled lady on the 18th floor of Grenfell. The regulations and accountability are inadequate and open to abuse.

  5. The Council should not be overtaxing in order to build up cash reserves so that bored Councillors can indulge and spend our money on pet projects like Holland Park Opera. Lets stop over taxing and then Quentin wont have to try and be clever and invest in Commercial property.

    For heavens sake, why don't these Councillors get a life! Too many Councillors, too little to do and too much money to spend.

  6. Would this be the same Merrick Cockell?

  7. Will Cllr Marshall survive the Grenfell inquiry, given his contemptuous refusal to listen to and address the concerns brought to him by the residents of the tower when he chaired the housing scrutiny committee?

    1. Marshall is on borrowed time. She knows it and we know it.

    2. NOT ONLY Marshall. Most of them are living on borrowed time.They were ALL aware of what was going on, simply by ASSOCIATION. Mrs Parker may now resent signing herself as 'Chief of Regeneration Law'...Feel free to substitute with whatever words you feel relevant to the outcome of the 'Regeneration'...

    3. I suggest 'Extermination' as a substitute for 'Regeneration'. In this situation more appropriate.

  8. it would appear that Anon 13:17 suggestion of substitution may be correct. The Inquiry heard today, according to BBC News at 6, would it be a pure coincidence (?) that the residents of Grenfell were NON-British White, but predominantly Muslims. Question of racial discrimination has arisen: would so many have died, had they be British While?


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