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Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Cressida Dick is possibly one of the most ineffectual Met Commissioners we have had in many a year. 

Yesterday, she spent the day at the Commons moaning to the Home Affairs Select Committee that the astonishing rise in gang related violence was nothing to do with lousy management and all to do with austerity. Well, she would excuse herself like that, wouldn't she?

We don't need academics with doctorates in criminology running London and that's just what this woman is. 

All the Dame ever sees are police cars, sitting on side streets, laden with 'police people' stuffing their faces when they should be walking the beat. 

Joined with 'khan't do anything right' it's no surprise that London is in the grip of a historically massive crime surge making our streets perilous places.

In fact, every London mayor from Livingstone through to Johnson.... and now Khan, has done nothing more than reinforce the fact that politicians of every hue are terrible managers. 
So, why do we elect them to run a global mega city?

What London needs is a hard nosed ex business leader running this city....not a third rate ex 'uman rights lawyer like 'khan't do a thing right'


  1. We need a Bloomberg

  2. The coppers seem to have loads of resources to pursue nonsense cases and waste time on pointless admin.
    Most of the police seem grossly overweight from never stepping out of their expensive cars. Get them out of their cars and on to the streets.

    1. The met are heavily understaffed

    2. Have you ever seen a copper pursuing anyone on foot? Many are so grossly overweight that they are quickly out paced. What has happened with 'physical fitness' requirement, to be a copper and to remain one? They are often seen in their squad cars, stuffing their faces with junk food.

    3. @15:07 On purpose I take it. They keep closing down the stations for a start!

      @Sad Badger. Human cops will be phased out and replaced by A.I robo cop in the near future. Have you not seen the photo?

  3. Dear Dame,

    Thank you for posting this, the police are understaffed which is why we are seeing so few police about and being bussed about. After the stabbing in Chelsea, which was not gang related, we did see more police on the streets (plastic police). As many have said time and time again the metropolitan job is to discourage crime, that is their main purpose!

    With Notting Hill, Chelsea, Fulham, Knightsbridge, Battersea police stations closed down and sold off with surviving Earls Court Police Station open only from 9-5.

    Cannot agree more that every Mayor of this capital have been more interested in their pet projects and getting as much as exposure as Londoners can take than do what is right and best for the city.

    Dick and Khan are both useless too scared to point out that the gang related violence is connected to Eastern European crime targeting poor black boys as their foot soldiers. This is down to open borders since 2004!

    FOr some boys they have no option but to join a gang incase they are attacked by another gang. What a sad state our country is in.

    Thank goodness the Dame is hear to speak up for residents!

    1. 'Open borders EU - Freedom of Movement' policy. That's why all the East European jails are empty. Rightly said, many criminals are here, reaping rewards from our Commonwealth Heritage and all that comes with it..

  4. In Knightsbridge a couple of bobbies handing out 'lock uo your leaflets'....what a waste of time and money

  5. For those dimwits who love the EU how do you feel about this effect of open borders when Albania and Moldova join? Two of the most gangster ridden countries in the world. We British are led by puppets

  6. I over heard someone say "Mr Khan is a small man with small ideas, the job is too big for him"

    You decide.

  7. "Police arrest nine 'Grenfell fraudsters'"

    They are quick to arrest those nine yet preferential treatment for the murderers?!! I call it double standard.

  8. We need police back on the streets, we need them to chase these moped gangs which at present often they do not as they are told if they remove their helmets stop the pursuit so the riders remove their helmets.

    We also need random stop and search to get weapons off the street and for those who scream no as it is too often racist , well in the past some officers may have handled SnS badly but we need to reinvent it , a disproportionate number of people carrying weapons are drug related gangs and dealers and also BME and a disproportionate number of BME people are being killed . Why not get community leaders ( who usually only decide to give their wisdom and complaints after an incident) involved and even out on patrols with officers to be impartial observers and mums and dads, make it a real community effort, send a message that enough is enough and you cannot carry weapons, you cannot intimidate this community. Better than what we have now .


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