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Thursday, 1 March 2018


The Dame is thrilled to report that her little blog, started from her elegant boudoir, is now reaching into the very depths of the Royal Borough.
The Dame on her beach holiday

In fact, one informant tells her that the Hornets Nest was much quoted at the recent consultative meetings.

At just over 1200 unique daily views the Hornets Nest is now far more widely read than the local paper.

She thanks all her loyal readers for making it such a success.


  1. 'local paper'? Not even fit as a wrap for Fish and Chips, as the ink alone is so poisonous... I do love the Dame's self-congratulatory streak.. Well done, dear. Let's hope that it will not spill over.

  2. Sad Badger, please don't begrudge a little old lady her harmless auto accolading.
    She hopes to see you when she and her companion perambulate in the dusk of Holland Park.

    1. Just got to read your comment. I do NOT 'begrudge' anything, just do not over do it, dear.
      As far as hoping to see me at dusk, when we wake up, you are welcome. I generally refresh myself in the Kyoto gardens' stream. Perhaps we could take tea?

  3. The remaining ghosts of post-Grenfell Hornton Street are haunted by the Dame and her every widening influence. Even the darkest corners of the rotten borough are not safe from her piercing gaze. Well done Madam!

  4. I undersatand the Dame very well


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