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Monday, 12 March 2018



Our river houseboats in Chelsea have been threatened with eviction and we want to protect them.

People have made their homes here since the 1930s and some of our current residents have lived here for over 50 years. We think that every community in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea deserves to be protected and cherished. Our Chelsea houseboats are not only loved locally but internationally for their vibrancy and quirkiness.

We want the council to make the houseboat moorings an Asset of Community Value, as they are an important part of our local community. Help us to save what matters in our Royal Borough; people’s homes matter.  
Please sign our petition to let RBKC know how you feel. LINK



  1. The warm, embracing, inclusive, gentle, charming, hard-working, intelligent, successful, independent, talented, generous, loving, undemanding, modest, sharing and shy communities of NORTH Kensington support Annabel MUGGINS and the Advantage Party in their heroic fight for the rights of the traveller boat people of Chelsea.

    1. Advance have been very clever here taking advantage of this particular camapaign, it would be in the interests of the Conservatives to support this too.

      Once again Greg Hands seems to be lost in the bushes of Fulham to help residents out. If some kind soul find Hands photographing a parking meter please point him in the right East to Chelsea.

    2. 16:06 surely it's in the interest of constituents that Parties get involved?

      In fact, Labour have been speaking with and supporting this group because they were asked to and because it's the right thing to do. Bizarre, I know.

  2. Now, now, come on Anon 00:48. How many sherbets had you consumed before you made such a wide and wild comment? I would disagree with your description that the river residents are 'travellers'; that, to my mind, means a completely different community. Please reconsider and amend.

    1. River residents are fully paid up members of the community.

      They pay council tax, just like everyone else does. Vote in local elections. And perform their civic duties.

      But, unlike everyones else, they're being thrown out of their homes by a modern day Rachman.

  3. This of course has nothing to do with the fact that Mullins parents live on the boats? Where as she lives in Lambath

    1. Lambeth, dear.

      Rifkind; Scottish & lived in Westminster not K&C.

  4. Labour, on the side of this community

    Advance, on the side of this community

    Conservatives... on the side of a big-bucks property developer

    What's new?

  5. I know someone who lives on those boats.

    They're all terrified,

    Gagging orders, private detectives, CCTV.

    Even the tiniest infringement will get them thrown off.

    Just like most people, their single biggest asset is their home. They lose it at the stroke of a pen.

    And there goes all their savings.

  6. So where are

    Cllr Adrian Berrill-Cox
    Cllr Maighread Condon-Simmonds
    Cllr Gerard Hargreaves

    Are they not standing at the election?

  7. So Advance, Lib Dems & Labour support Chelsea boat residents but not the Conservatives, why?

  8. I have just watched the clip about the house boats on Channel Four News. I really want to offer my support to these people. How can I get involved?

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