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Sunday, 12 March 2017



The Dame was surprised to read this from one of her grand readers. Surely it is wrong that residents should have to pick up the bill for the incompetence of the planning dept?

Flat 10020, 
Chelsea Cloisters
Sloane Avenue
London SW3 3DW
0207 351 3409

My Dear Dame

Readers might like to know RBK&C will be buying a luxurious motor car for myself and Colonel Bulkeley-Ormerod-Egerton!
The new Marlborough School development has taken our light away so our solicitors, Messrs Edwin Coe of Lincolns Inn, wrote a nasty letter to Mr Stallwood.
The Council, not wishing to have the development held up, or bad publicity, are now quietly negotiating to pay us Chelsea Cloisters owners 'go away' money.
Well, actually, it's taxpayer's money.
The full amount will be disclosed when negotiations are complete, but Messrs Coe tells us it will be 'chunky'.
Looks like another massive cock up on the part of Mr Stallwood's planning team who did not see, looking at the  plans, the development would affect our right to light.

By the way, dear Dame, your fame goes before you. 
Our Chelsea Cloisters Resident Association are honoured to extend to you an invitation to our Summer Cocktail Party. Perhaps your sporting young nephew, Ludo, would come to? 
There will be many young gals from different parts of Eastern Europe who would love to meet him and empty his wallet.

Ever yours,

Mrs  Bulkeley-Ormerod-Egerton


  1. I met Mrs B-O-E
    Quite formidable lady.
    Of course, like so many of us she and the Colonel live in much reduced circumstances and beset by all the prostitutes operating neighbouring flats.
    CC is really more of a brothel these days.

  2. Dame, isn't this bribery corruption to use public funds for a private venture to silence public outrage?

  3. The Garbagegate Fairy13 March 2017 at 07:55

    It's quite routine for RBKC to do just that. Look at the £1 million+ of residents' funds the Council has spent in recent years in futile attempts to hush up the Garbagegate scandal. Horton Street has never managed to grasp that since the advent of the internet, residents communicate with each other.

  4. I guess that RBKC rakes in fair amount in 'business rates' from these freelancers..


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