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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


If you are a K&C resident with a temptation to use Savills lie down until the inclination passes: if you are using Savills then consider this.... Savills is no friend of residents. 
The Old Court House saga is just one example of this greedy firm having its cake and gorging on it.

Savills used lies and subterfuge to try to con the planning department into giving consent for a massive basement under The Old Court House. This, despite knowing there was a pre-existing basement.
Had they succeeded a swathe of local property would have been blighted.

Selling your property would have been a nightmare.....thanks to Savills.
There are plenty of local agents who can provide the same, if not better service, so why use Savills, an enemy of our neighbourhood?


  1. Refugee from Ealing8 March 2017 at 21:21

    It's not just in K & C. In Ealing Savills recently provided deceptive plans contravening multiple planning policies. The result is the conversion of a pair of handsome 4 person Victorian cottages in a conservation area into tenements for 30 persons, with bins in the front yard, no rear garden and no escape for the "inmates" from a fire. A craven Ealing council ignored residents' protests and laid down in the gutter for Savills. For its developer client, the firm designed and obtained planning permission for Ealing's slums of the future; the very near future at that. It's probably the same all over London and beyond.

    1. It would be interesting to hear what other 'projects' Savills have in progress with the council as well as in the rest of London.

    2. If you are interested and have some time on your hands, you can submit FOI Requests to ALL London Councils asking for this information....

  2. The Department of Communities and Local Government should be made aware of Savills' activities. At least it will be on record and someone should take greater interest in their nefarious activities..

  3. Next time Savills get in touch, offering to value your K&C des res, tell them a thing or two about real values; refer them to the Dame and send them packing!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The Dame was advised by her legal team that the practices Savills were accused of in the comment, whilst probably true, could have been actionable. Though corporations now find it virtually impossible to find grounds for action they could base one on whether they have lost profit as a result people being so repelled by their repugnant activities that they refused to deal with them. So, on the basis of prudence, the Dame decided to delete the comment accusing Savills of being utter sods and liars.

  5. Savills are from what I have heard very pally with Phillip Green and family


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