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Sunday, 19 March 2017


Londoners, of all political persuasions, turned out en masse this Saturday to protest about NHS plans to cease all Congenital Heart Diseases operations and research at the Royal Brompton. The closure would especially hit children and young people. 
Let's hope Jeremy Hunt gets a grip on this and stops this madcap and pointless scheme.
Victoria Borwick MP

The Crowds Protesting
Nick Paget-Brown, Betty Boothroyd, Greg Hands MP
Former Leader of the Commons, Betty Boothroyd


  1. Well done. Nice to see that dear Betty and P-B found a slot in their busy social calendars to attend... Let's see what happens next.

  2. Lady Borwick is in favour of privatising the NHS, apart from the bits of it close to her. Her loyal (lazy) voters might be roused from their slumber if a hospital on their patch is closed. She and they are fairly loathsome.

    1. SUPPORTER OF BORWICK19 March 2017 at 16:36

      Oh, do shut up. Borwick is just a superb MP. You are some pathetically sad Leftie loser

    2. oh dear, the SHTF I see re Victoria Borwick. Pity that she did not attend, there were MANY PHOTO OPS....

    3. SOB,

      Borwick only turns up when there is a camera. Hands & Borwick knew this is in the interest of ALL residents not just those who oppose them.

      The Dame was very critical of Fairhead and Rifkind, rightly so, time for the Dame to give Borwick a tinkle on her diamond encrusted Bakelite telephone and ask for Borwick's to turn her attention from tech & antiquers' ivory to residents' concerns.

      The roads are in a mess from HGVs from iceburg basements & offshore developments; & residents find it harder to park anywhere in the borough.

      We have not heard our MP speak once against the planning office and developers who have ruined this borough and forcing long term residents out of the borough and capital.

      The only good thing is Borwick supports Brexit.

    4. Just look at they work for you at Borwick's voting record:

      Consistently voted AGAINST an investigation into the Iraq war, why?

      Almost always voted AGAINST paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability why?

      Almost always voted for phasing out secure tenancies for life, why?

      Generally voted for mass surveillance of people’s communications and activities, why?

      She's also for fracking & HS2.

      Don't forget her husband has a second publicly funded salary and is a developer in Bichester.

  3. Surely VB simply votes the Party line?

    1. Anyone who votes against an investigation into the Iraq War loses my vote & confidence.

      To think of what happened to our men and women of the armed forces in Iraq and to want it not to happen again VB should hang head in shame.

  4. Stealth Privatization of the NHS !


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