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Monday, 13 March 2017


The old Dame has always had a bit of a schoolgirl 'pash' for Cllr Julie Mills....
She really speaks her mind. 
Other Conservative councillors should heed her example. 
This letter to the planning committee is typical of her 'no nonsense; sort it out' approach.

The best leader of the Council we never had.....

This quote, made at the start of her Mayoralty sums her up....
"A common misconception about Kensington and Chelsea is that it is full of rich people, but that is simply not true.  "Of course there are some very well off people, but we also have some of the worst pockets of deprivation in London, particularly in the north of the borough. And people can feel isolated due to poverty, but there are so many other reasons too - maybe due to age or disability."

Dear Planning Committee.

Thank you for calling in several of the mass applications for what are advertising structures rather than phone services and which will further blight the streetscape.  The horror is that they continue to encourage criminality and public nuisance via carding, public order offences, drug taking with drug paraphernalia left behind, prostitution and discarded condoms, filth and vermin since the cos neither clean nor maintain their structures.

The sadness is that the alleged telephones and wifi services are not functional on any consistent basis, leading most citizens to believe that this is a subversion of The Communication and Planning Acts, the real provide advertising revenue to private cos. with no reciprocal public benefit.

May you let us know how many Applications, officers have turned down as well as The Planning Committee so far?

The Public Highway should not & cannot be used in this casual manner. A Boards, for example are not permitted this unlimited exposure. 

Officers should note that Norland Councillors resist all Applications to install telephone advertising on The Highways, posing as phone boxes...... unless a company can show that there is a demonstrable need. The onus is on the Company. If not made out....the Applications MUST fail. 

The Executive and Cabinet should take note of The Motion which was passed at last Council regarding these duplicitous structures. It urges KC to enforce against derelict structures on its Highways and Tfls.... and requires the MPs to seek amendments to the Communications Acts, to deter this practice. 

Mr. Carver is requested to supply The Motion and the voting numbers as I believe it was carried unanimously across all Parties. 

May we suggest that you consider holding off determination till the MPs respond so we do not get into a basement scenario where permissions were granted in huge numbers while we worked out reactive Policy, retrospectively.

May We also ask why enforcement officers do not serve Abandonment Notices and have permanently placed structures removed forthwith where demonstrably they have been shown not to be fit for purpose?

Please log this email and The Motion as a formal OBJECTION to all Applications that have recently come in and any future ones. 

Yours sincerely

Cllrs. Mills and Lindsay. ( Norland Ward )



    1. Lord Kensington13 March 2017 at 17:36

      The gal knows her nuts

  2. Indeed. She would make a far better fist of it than the current example or his immediate predecessor. Trouble is she's clearly concerned with residents' interests, is very feminine and is probably not a Mason. These three facts rule her out of the bizarre inner circle that has run the rotten borough for decades. She's that unacceptable type of individual: normal.

  3. Joan Hanham was not a Mason etc

    1. No but she was Mother hen that hatched to Pooter

  4. Mills is a fantastic Councillor. Wasted as Leader of the Conservative Group.

    She needs to get her legs under the Leaders table and kick ass

  5. Fly On The Wall13 March 2017 at 17:34

    Cllr Lindsay of Norland Ward should not be forgotten. Not a Leader but he has a forensic eye. It was he who pointed out that Chelsea Care was bound to fail - a business plan that predicated a 4% trading margin when the industry works on a 2% margin. Another fantasy of disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockle

  6. Indeed, why do not we hear MORE from this lady?

    1. She was, of course, an outstanding Mayor. Brought style, energy, youth, energy, enthusiasm and charm to the job.

      Plus that other indefinable mark of leadership. She looked and sounded the part.

    2. so, what has happened to all those who followed her??

    3. Waiting in the wings. Piggy, watch out.

  7. Rocky will be doing everything to stop her

  8. Cllr Mills is under no illusions about the cracker. Unlike some of the other spineless Tories she has made her views publicly known.

  9. Dame, Another one of these isores is planned at Worlds End CHelsea outside the Post Office.

    If LIb Dems & Labour campaigned about local issues rather than Brexit maybe they will get more votes next year.


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