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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Some of the Dame's naughty Hornton Hornets tell her the ludicrous Tri-Borough arrangement is in danger of imminent collapse: it cannot come too soon.
We need to be free of the interference of the dreadful H&F and Westminster.

Another crass idea of Myers and Pooter Cockell hits the buffers.


  1. Indeed, it was a very bad idea from the beginning. Nothing but some ego tripping here, me thinks..... RBKC's standards have dropped as a result. many people have left, and good riddance to some of them. RBKC coffers have been depleted for no credible reasons whatsoever.
    Dame, please like Brunhilda lead the Trixit....

  2. We did alert you to this - it has happened as a result of the collapse of the Tri-borough managed services contract performed - or rather not performed - by BT. Despite it being protected for a couple of years, all that Labour said about it has come true. Sadly no reader of the Dame's page picked up our earlier warnings; so failed to lobby their Tory councillors; and the tragically doomed contract dragged on for too long, wasting far more Council Tax than it should have.

  3. Incompetence !

  4. Retired Chief Executive28 March 2017 at 12:35

    In June 2012 I wrote to Cllr Cockell, Leader of Kensington and Chelsea as follows:

    "Any organisation can only serve one "brain" otherwise it becomes dysfunctional. We are proceeding with three Leaders and three Cabinets. The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST.

    The Chief Executive selected to run a merged operation has to be recruited from outside the shareholders. If he comes from one of the hosts there will always be suspicion from the others and authority will be undermined and then it breaks down.The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST.

    If costs have to be reduced by re engineering an organisation, then lines of control have to be shortened and power concentrated. But we are building a shared power organisation and distributed organisation. The TRI Borough FAILS THIS TEST

    Merger and integration is high risk. There is no point contemplating it unless savings of ca 30% can be demonstrated on paper (and empirically only about 10% will be obtained). The three Boroughs spend about £2 billion. 30% is £800 million. But Tri Borough savings were projected to be ca £20m to £30m at the outset and now £40 million is being trumpeted. Paltry in the scheme of things and they will be swept away by risk. The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST.

    The personality of the Chief Executive needs to be understood and a performance/reward framework put in place to match his behaviour to the desired outcome. The dual appraisal arrangement by K&C and Hammersmith is a classic "divide and rule" trap. The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST

    The Chief Executive needs to report to a single master. Mr Myers will report to two masters. The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST

    Shareholder/owner drivers need to be aligned. Westminster and K&C have guaranteed Conservative majorities.The Leaders are on a long leash. Hammersmith is a marginal council (Conservatives in survival mode). The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST

    Shareholder/owner constituencies need to be aligned. The demographics of Hammersmith are fundamentally different from K&C/Westminster. The Tri Borough FAILS THIS TEST

    In my experience any integration programme will fail if any one of the rules above are broken.

    1. Piggy needs a strong Deputy Leader to help manage the way through this mess. Crack Rock is not that person.

      Cllr Julie Mills?

  5. Retired Chief Executive's perceptive analysis was written 5 years ago. His/Her use of capital letters was very telling. Not the usual quiet approach of senior management. Well done Sir/Madam!

    If one remembers correctly, at the last local elections Cameron & Co repeatedly lauded H & F as the Tories' flagship borough. He visited often to be photographed alongside the "winners." The Conservatives were certain that recent demographic changes had already ensured a perpetual Tory majority to match that in K & C and WCC. The writing was on the wall for Tri-borough the moment the election results were published. Jolly good thing too, but far too reminiscent of the Brexit fiasco for comfort.

  6. Very strong leadership is required at RBKC to ensure we are not shafted exiting Tri-borough the way we were shafted during it.

  7. 13.32 Agreed.

    However, regarding 11.22's complaint of the residents' failure to lobby their councillors to stop Tri-Borough: it was already a deal done behind closed doors. There was no public consultation, nor any chance to lobby councillors or anyone else. And in any case it is well known that Tory councillors "Listen but do not hear." Cllr Weale said so; so it must be true.

  8. No, the BT contract was signed several years after Tri-borough came into being. It was obviously ludicrous from the start and was then very seriously mis-managed by Westminster (like the transport contract for children with learning difficulties that nearly killed one of them and cost K+C far more than it saved).


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