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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


There is something indomitable about the family and carers of the disabled: obstacles dissolve in front of them and they have a tenacity which puts the fear of God into any bureaucrat getting in their way.

Full of Life is a superb local charity. It provides support and advice to those caring for the disabled and has an impressive vanguard of supporters. 

Since its foundation in 1994 it has helped over 500 local families with special needs.

The delightfully funny film is well worth watching and the Dame commends Full of Life as worthy of all our support.

Click HERE to see not just the film abut also read more about a wonderful local charity


  1. A great film from a great charity well done to Full of Life.

  2. Totally brilliant film; an example of how care should be provided. Please don’t tell me that this wonderful organization is yet again faced with a cut in the provision for the most vulnerable in our society, whilst adult social services has annual underspends and wastes our tax monies on bureaucratic internal inefficiencies. (‘underspends’ in services 2013/14 Adult Social Care, £6.4m)

  3. What happened to the £ 6.4 m? shudder to think....

  4. The Council thinks it better to give money to the Nour Festival and get their heads well up the posterior of the rich Arabs who they kowtow to....sickening

  5. Indeed...after all if the Arabs we not here, many establishments in the Borough would be long the Buddha Bar, for example.
    As for the 'under-spent' why did ghastly Ms Baillie and those in her clique found it so necessary to deprive the elderly and the needy of the very important 'Small Repairs' service... This is also sickening, but much more on a grander scale...

  6. And speaking of Full of Life, Elizabeth Campbell’s latest cock-up, after destroying the magnificent Maxilla Children’s Centre, was to wreck children’s services even further by outsourcing childcare to a group called 4children, without due diligence checks. Predictably, 4children then went into administration and merged with a group called Action for Children. To save face, instead of putting matters on hold, Campbell is hastily giving the contract to Action for Children - with a substantial “bung” but without a formal tender - even though it is now cheaper and better to keep the service in house.

    Action for Children have deplorable staff relations and cannot pay the London Living Wage because they have a massive pensions gap to fill. Given Campbell’s past experience with the children’s transport service that saved money only for Westminster, don’t our Council Tax payers have a right to know how she is wantonly wasting their money?

    1. Why is Campbell still allowed to do anything? She's a rolling disaster.

  7. It is a shame that those posting here could not put aside their fixations with councillors and costings to look at a piece of work by some of our most vulnerable whom they purport to support.

  8. This film is a credit to the young people and staff at Full of Life and of course their families. We could learn a lot from them all. Its clear from the movie the level of challenges they face daily, no doubt without complaint... so please LOOK at the movie and let the young people know what you think of their work. Its all about them.


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